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'Field Notes from a Catastrophe' Named First-Year Reading Experience Book

All first-year students at UM are invited to participate in the First-Year Reading Experience. The book selected for 2011 is "Field Notes from a Catastrophe" by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Each year the University chooses a common book based on recommendations from students and faculty. The program provides all incoming freshmen with a shared intellectual experience to encourage discussion, to advance critical thinking, and to develop a sense of community. 

Kolbert’sbook chronicles her journey to communities clearly affected by global warming, including Greenland, England, the Netherlands, Alaska and Vermont. UM has strong and deep commitment to studying climate change and its potential repercussions: "Field Notes from a Catastrophe" will provide students a compelling introduction.

The book will be used and referenced in classes across campus, including FIG seminars and WRIT 101. In addition, all first-year students will have an opportunity to submit an essay for a cash prize. The book is available at The Bookstore at UM, located in the University Center.

Kolbert will visit the UM campus Oct. 27. In the afternoon she will meet with first-year students for a discussion and in the evening she will deliver lecture as part of the President's Lecture Series.

Additional information about the author and the First-Year Reading Experience is available at