Vacate Notice - Lewis and Clark Village

Vacate Policy

A 60-day vacate notice is required, NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be charged up to 60 days rent unless 60 days notice is given. Vacate dates may not be extended except in case of extreme emergency. Rooms are reassigned to new residents based on vacate dates.

  • If you indicated a vacate date beyond 60 days, you will be charged through that date.
  • If you indicated less than 60 days, you will be charged 60 days from the date of receipt of the notice.
  • If you do not vacate by the date you indicated, we will re-key the unit and place your belongings in storage. You will be billed for the re-key and transfer and storage of your belongings.

If you move out and want to live at Lewis and Clark Village in the future, even if it is the next semester, you will need to submit a new Lewis and Clark Village housing application with the deposit and application fee, as well as being placed on the wait for assignment list for a room be available.

Please contact our office to get a complete list of procedures, expectations, and potential damage charges.

Please complete the following to submit your 60-day intent to vacate notice:

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