Physics LLC

Community Description

Physics faculty with studentsStudents with an interest in Physics and Pre-Engineering can participate in a Physics Living Learning Community to assist in a successful transition to Physics at the university level. Students will have the opportunity to live with other Physics and Pre-Engineering students and join a cohort of students with similar goals and interests.

The Physics Living Learning Community is designed for students of any major who plan to enroll in either PHSX 100, 101, 215, 217, 301, or 311.

Programs & Events

Programs for this community have included:

  • Study sessions in the building before tests
  • Departmental intramural teams for dodgeball and softball
  • Educational shows and movies such as Cosmos
  • Social events with the Society of Physics Students
  • Physics department socials such as BBQs and Physics Department Jeopardy

Housing Location

The Physics Living Learning Community is located in Knowles Hall. Male residents live on the 4th floor West wing and female residents live on the 4th floor East wing.

How to Apply

Physics hiking the MTo apply for the Physics LLC, please select this community in the online housing application. There is not a separate application to be a member of the Physics LLC. However, students must be registered for either Physics 101 or Physics 215 (depending on their major and math placement score) before orientation in the summer. If a student is not registered for either Physics 101 or Physics 215, they may be removed from the community.

If you have already applied to housing, but did not indicate your interest in the Physics LLC on your application, please contact Casey Cronin about your interest in being assigned to the Physics Living Learning Community.

Contact for Additional Information

For additional information about the Physics Living Learning Community, please contact John Nugent, Assistant Director of UM Housing, or Mark Reiser, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist for the Department of Physics & Astronomy.