Additional Time-Sheet Roster Form    
Administrative Personnel Leave   Policy Procedure
Alien Tax Information Request Form    
Annual Vacation Leave FAQ Policy Procedure
Annuity Program Form    
Awarding Honorary Degrees   Policy  
B | Top 
Background Check Form    
Benefits Website    
Benefits Summary - Faculty Document    
Benefits Summary - Staff Document    
Bereavement Leave FAQ    
Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Website    
C | Top 
Career Ladder Completion Form    
Career Ladder Justification Form    
Career Services Website    
Campus Map Website    
Charitable Giving/Organizations   Policy Procedure
Collective Bargaining Agreements Website    
D | Top 
Deadline for Payroll Information Submissions     Procedure
Decedent's Warrant Form   Procedure
Declaration of Adult Dependent Form    
Delivery of Payroll Data     Procedure
Department Transfer Form    
Dependent Care/Workplace Alternatives   Policy Procedure
Dependent Tuition Waiver Website| Form   Procedure
Differential Pay     Procedure
Direct Deposit Form    
Disability Self ID Form    
Discretionary Leave of Absence (Non-Compensated)   Policy Procedure
Discrimination Grievance Procedures   Policy Procedure
Distribution of Payroll Warrants     Procedure
Drug & Alcohol Testing   Policy Procedure
Drug Free Workplace   Policy Procedure
E | Top 
Earnings Statement Explained Document    
Electronic Communication Devices Authorization
Policy Procedure
Employee Declaration of Dependent Tax Status Form    
Employee Time Record Bi-Weekly Form    
Employee Time Record Monthly Form    
Employee Intra-Departmental Student Time Sheet (2nd-18th) Form    
Employee Intra-Departmental Student Time Sheet (19th-1st) Form    
Employer Paid Benefits     Procedure
Employment Website    
Extra Compensation Request Form  Policy Procedure
F | Top 
Faculty Benefits Summary Document    
Faculty Post-Retirement Contract Form    
Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Website| Form Policy Procedure
Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Form 1| 2 Policy Procedure
Flexible Spending Accounts Website    
Foreign Employees - Wage Taxation     Procedure
Foreign National Information Form    
Foreign Student & Scholar Services Website    
Forms Website    
Fringe Benefits Document   Procedure
Funeral Leave (Bereavement) FAQ    
G | Top 
Gifts & Awards     Procedure
Goal Writer's Companion Document    
Grants & Contracts
Termination Benefit Pool
Grievances: Contract Admins/Professionals/Law School Faculty   Policy Procedure
Group Health Insurance   Policy Procedure
H | Top 
Hazard Pay (Emergency Closure)   Policy Procedure
Hiring Authorization - Classified Staff/Crafts Form    
Hiring Authorization - Contract Administrators Form    
Hiring Authorization - Contract Professional Form    
Hiring Authorization - Faculty Form    
Hiring Authorization - Letters Of Appointment Form    
Hiring Authorization - Instructional//Non-Tenured Faculty Form    
Website| Document    
Holidays DATES | FAQ Policy Procedure
HRS FAQ Website    
I | Top 
I-9 Form Procedure  
Incentive Award Application Form Policy Procedure
Independent Contractor or Employee     Procedure
In-Range Progression Plan Form    
Instructional Position Desc./RPT Non-Tenurable Faculty Form    
Insurance Website| FAQ    
Insurance (Overseas Travel Coverage) Brochure    
J | Top 
Jury Duty FAQ Policy Procedure
Justification of Applicant Selection Form    
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L | Top 
Label Request Form    
Labor Relations Website    
Labor Relations: Myth & Fact Website    
Layoffs -- non-Union Classified Employees   Policy Procedure
Leave of Absence Form    
Leave Approval Form    
Letters of Appointment   Policy Procedure
Lifetime Privileges   Policy Procedure
Longevity   Policy Procedure
Long Term Care Insurance FAQ    
Lump Sum Bonus Form    
M | Top 
Mediation Website    
Military Leave   Policy Procedure
Misconduct in Scientific Research   Policy  
Montana Job Net Website    
Montana Job Service Website    
Montanan Online Website    
MUS Employment Contracts (Non - faculty) Form Policy Guidelines
N | Top 
Nepotism   Policy  
New Hire Orientation Website    
Non-Academic Courtesy Appointments   Policy  
Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity   Policy Procedure
Non-Resident Alien Services Website    
Non-Tenurable Academic Appointments   Policy  
Non-Union Grievances   Policy Procedure
Notaries (Campus) Website    
O | Top 
Outside Employment -- Employees Eligible for Overtime   Policy  
Overtime/Compensatory Time FAQ Policy Procedure
P | Top 
Paycheck Distribution     Procedure
Payroll Website| FAQ    
Payroll Procedures Website    
Pay Schedules (All Employee Types) Website    
Performance Objectives Form    
Performance Review Website| Form    
PERS Optional Membership Form    
Personnel Files   Policy Procedure
Personal Information Form    
Personnel Actions FAQ    
Personnel Policies Website    
Pharmacare Mail Order Form    
Position Checklist - Admin. Assoc. Form    
Position Checklist - Culinary Assoc. Form    
Position Checklist - Custodial Supervisr Form    
Position Checklist - Payroll Assoc. Form    
Position Checklist - Program Specialist Form    
Position Checklist - Purchasing Supervisor Form    
Post-Retiree Increases     Procedure
Prescription Plans Website    
Probationary Period   Policy Procedure
Professional Activities Outside the University
Progressive Discipline (Non-Union)   Policy  
Progressive Discipline (Union (MPEA))   Policy  
Promotion Non-Faculty Contract Professionals   Policy Procedure
Public Service Leave   Policy Procedure
Q | Top 
Quality Work Life Website    
R | Top 
Reasonable Accommodation Request Form   Procedure 
Recruitment - ADA Guidelines Document    
Recruitment/Promotion Staff Employees   Policy Procedure
Regent's Professor   Policy  
Request Personnel Transaction (RPT) Form    
Request for Staff New Hire Pay Form    
Retirement Website| FAQ Policy Procedure
Retirement Plan Contributions     Procedure
Ridgeway Mail Order Form    
Rights & Responsibilities: Academic Personnel   Policy  
Role Description Form    
RPT for Non-Tenurable Faculty Form    
S | Top 
Sabbatical     Procedure
Salary Reduction Agreement Form    
Scholarship/Fellowship Grants     Procedure
Selective Service Statement Form    
Sexual Harassment   Policy  
Sick Leave FAQ Policy Procedure
Sick Leave Direct Grant Document| FAQ Policy  
Sick Leave Fund Contribution Document| FAQ Policy  
Sick Leave Recipient Form    
Skills Assessment Form    
Special Payroll Check Request Form   Procedure
Staff - Benefits Summary Document    
Staff Compensation Website    
Staff Professional Development Leave Website Policy Procedure
Staff Position Application Process Document    
Staff Senate Website    
Strategic Pay - Group Form    
Strategic Pay - Individual Form    
Student Change of Status Form    
Student Employee Compensation     Procedure
Student Employment   Policy Procedure
Student Employment Career Services Website    
Student Exit Assessment Form    
Student Hire Card Form    
Student Payroll FAQ    
Student Services Website    
Student Termination and Verification     Procedure
Student Wage Rates & Categories Document    
Subsequent Injury Fund Form    
Substantial Presence Form   Procedure
Summer Payroll - Faculty     Procedure
Supervisor Performance Review Form    
Supplemental Pay     Procedure
T | Top 
Telecommuting     Procedure
Temporary Employment Guide Website    
Temporary Pool Skills Assessment Form    
Temporary Staff Hiring Form   Procedure
Termination Form   Procedure
Time Rosters Number List   Procedure
Time Sheets Form   Procedure
Training & Development Website    
Tuition Waiver, Faculty-Staff  Form Policy Procedure
Twelve Month Payment Option Form   Procedure
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V | Top 
Vacation Leave (Annual) FAQ Policy Procedure
Veterans Employment Preference Form    
Veterans Self ID Form    
Volunteer Workers Policy Procedure
W | Top 
Wage & Salary Calculations     Procedure
W2s Explained Document    
W4 Form    
Workers' Compensation Form Policy  
Working Retirees Certification Form    
Withholdings & Deductions     Procedure
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