Who We Are - What We Do

Human Resource Services is comprised of the following services: Benefits, Training & Development, Employee & Labor Relations, Payroll, Systems IT, Compensation and Recruitment and Wellness. Each section is dedicated to ensuring that all employees are well informed about the resources available to them.

Associate Vice President - Terri Phillips at 243-5703
Oversight and operational responsibility for all aspects of HRS • Consults with managers and employees on complex HRS issues • Develops HRS policy and procedures • Manages institutional initiatives related to HRS.

Associate Director - Sara Drake at 243-5705
Labor Relations • Employee Relations • Operational supervision of the Recruitment and Compensation teams.

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President of HRS - Recruitment & Wellness Teams Member - Ann Guiditta at 243-2665. Manages HRS website, communicates important HRS topics to campus, helps coordinate Wellness activities, assists AVP and Associate Director, answers general inquiries and problem solves as needed.

Financial Compliance Manager & Foreign National Employment Specialist
Counsels departments and affiliated campuses to ensure compliance processes and procedures. Ensures overall financial data integrity and compliance with outside agency rules and regulations and reporting requirements. Provides departments with information on correct procedures for employing all non–resident aliens.

HR Associates
Marin Hall at 243-6761
Lia Wilson at 243-2570
Emmalee Plenger at 243-6437
Erin Darling at 243-6762

The HR Associates ensure that the right data and procedures are completed for accurate pay checks. Answers questions related to personnel actions for hiring, employment status changes, terminations, funding changes, benefits and retirement eligibility, payroll processes and procedures, and general HRS information.

Front Desk - Liz Regan, Payroll Technician, at 243-6766. Serves as the front line for the department. Provides general information about benefit packages, payroll, labor relations, fee waivers, recruitment, and student services to administrators, faculty, staff and students.

Benefits - Rita Garland, Benefits Specialist, at 243-4238
Advises employees and managers on questions related to MUS employee benefits plans • Retirement benefits • FMLA and general leave of absences.

Student Payroll - Deb Hayes, Payroll Manager at 243-6985
Provides guidance to departments on the employment of student employees including work-study, non-work study and graduate students• answers all student employee questions in regard to their wage payments.

Recruitment - Marcie Briggs, Recruitment Manager at 243-5706 & Tony Layton, Recruitment Specialist at 243-5707
Consults and advises with departments on the recruitment and hiring process for faculty, contract professionals, classified staff, and temporary employees. Works with applicants, current employees, and outside employment agencies to attract and retain qualified candidates for positions with the University of Montana.

Compensation - Sheila Wright, Manager at 243-4225 & Shawn Blair, Analyst at 243-4595
Provides consultation services for all departments regarding temporary, staff, and professional positions. Provides oversight of the Staff Performance Review process and ensures proper application of the MUS Staff Compensation Plan.

Training & Development - Cindy Boies at 243-2286
Coordinates and develops opportunities for employees of the University of Montana to grow professionally and personally through an inclusive training and development program.

Foreign National Employment - Andrea Scheuering at 243-5199 & Shelley Hiniker at 243-6634
Provides departments with information on correct procedures for employing all non–resident aliens. Counsels with all non-resident aliens on the conditions of their employment.

Payroll Manager - Deb Hayes at 243-2526
Provides oversight and consulting on the right processes, procedures and information needed to insure that all employees are classified and paid accurately.

Payroll Accounts Payable - Anita Brown at 243-5613
Provides information to employees regarding deductions—garnishments, wage assignments, union dues, health insurance premiums, retirement, child support.

Payroll – Accounting Associate Manager - Andrea Scheuering at 243-5199
Provides accounting services for the Human Resource Services Department and processes extra compensation.

HRS Business Operations Analyst - Steve Hoffmann at 243-6457
Provides specialized reports to depts., affiliates, OCHE, unions and government agencies.

Payroll Specialist - Pam Anderson at 243-6451
Processes payroll • direct deposits • faculty/staff and dependent tuition waivers.