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  • Insurance

Action: The deceased Employee’s coverage concludes on date of death.

If the surviving spouse is a UM Employee, dependents can be added to medical/dental/vision/optional life insurance/optional AD&D also effective date of death.

If the surviving spouse is not a UM Employee, surviving spouse can continue medical/vision plan for life, or in the event of remarriage, coverage concludes. Surviving children can continue medical/dental/vision plan until age 25 as long as the dependent is unmarried, is not eligible for an employer-sponsored group plan of their own, or in the active military.
Consult Benefits Specialist

    Forms » Choices Enrollment Form

  • Salary Payout

Action:To receive a salary payout.
Final salary paid to beneficiary named in Decedents’ Warrant
    Forms » * | Termination Form (Completed by Employer)

  • Retirement

Retirement plan contacts beneficiary named by employee.
All necessary forms supplied by chosen Retirement Plan Company.
Process will require a Certified Copy of Death Certificate.
  • Life Insurance Claim

Action:To research benefit.
Consult Handbook

Action:To file a claim.
Consult Benefits Specialist

  • Optional Accidental Death Claim

Action:To file a claim.
Consult Benefits Specialist


We've got the answers to your questions concerning, Insurance Group Numbers, Care Provider Networks, Coverage ID Cards, and more. Please visit the Quick Questions site.

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