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Serious Illness of an Employee
A series or extended illness requires the use of accrued sick leave, and may result in the use of the other options are outlined below.
  • FMLA Leave

Action:The use of sick leave, optional use of annual leave, donated sick leave and/or sick leave fund.
Consult Benefits Specialist
    Forms »
FMLA Request for Leave (In office pick-up/completed by Employee/Employer)
Leave of Absence (completed by Employer)

Sick Leave Recipient Form (completed by Employee, approved by Employer)
Direct Sick Leave Grant Form (completed by Donators)
Sick Leave Fund Contribution Form (completed by Employee)
    Resources »
FMLA Procedure
Sick Leave Fund/Direct Sick Leave Grant Policy
  • Non FMLA Leave of Absence

Action: Consult Benefits Specialist
    Forms » Leave of Absence (completed by employer)

  • Long Term Disability:

Action: To Research Benefit
Consult Handbook

  • Long Term Disability Claim:

Action:Consult Benefits Specialist

  • PERS or TRS Disability Retirement:

Action: Consult Benefits Specialist
    Forms » TRS Disability Benefit

  • Early Retirement or Normal Retirement:

Action: Consult Benefits Specialist
    Also See » Major Life Events - Retirement


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