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When can sick leave be used?

Sick leave is defined as a leave of absence with pay for a sickness suffered by a faculty/staff member or an immediate family member. Sick leave can be used for conditions such as illness, injury, medical disability, maternity/paternity-related absence (including prenatal care, birth, miscarriage, abortion, or other medical care for either employee or child), quarantine resulting from exposure to a contagious disease, medical/dental/visual examination or treatment, care of or attendance to an immediate family member (or, at the supervisor's discretion, for another person), death or funeral attendance for an immediate family member (or, at the supervisor's discretion, for another person).

What is the accrual rate for sick leave?

Generally, all positions except visiting faculty employed for less than a full academic year are eligible to earn sick leave credits. Sick leave credits accrue from the first day of employment.

Faculty, contract administrators, and contract professionals accrue sick leave on a monthly basis at the rate of 8 hours per month. Academic Faculty only accrue leave during the academic year. Faculty on an academic year contract who are hired at less than half-time are not eligible to earn sick leave credits.

Staff accrue sick leave on a bi-weekly basis. The accrual rate is 3.69 hours per pay period (12 days/year).

All eligible positions working less than full-time accrue at a prorated rate.

When is an employee eligible to take sick leave?

An employee must be continuously employed for the qualifying period of 90 calendar days to use sick leave. After a break in service, an individual must again complete the qualifying period to use sick leave.




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