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MYTH: Does the Legislature appropriate funding to the University System for the entire cost of the pay plan.

FACT: During negotiations between the State of Montana and MPEA, the State typically estimates the cost of pay proposals by including all State and University System employees regardless of the fact that the State is not legally authorized to negotiate with MPEA on behalf of University System employees. The Legislature is then presented with the cost of salary increases for staff employees of both the State and the University System even though negotiations between the University System and MPEA have typically not concluded prior to action by the Legislature.

Pay Plan appropriations by the Legislature to the University System are based on the negotiated agreement between MPEA and the State of Montana Governor's Office. The level of appropriation historically funds only approximately 45 percent of the cost of the classified Pay Plan for University System employees holding positions funded by General Fund dollars. Of course, no funding is appropriated for any positions funded by designated, auxiliary or grant sources. At the University of Montana - Missoula, approximately 45 percent of staff positions are State General Fund. That means the legislature funds only approximately 21 percent of the total cost of the Pay Plan for all University staff - regardless of funding source.

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