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MYTH: Non-union staff members are entitled to receive the same pay raises as those granted to administrators.

FACT: There are many University employment categories and associated salary parameters:
  • Faculty: Salary increases for most UM-M faculty negotiated with the University Teachers' Union.
  • Board of Regents Contract Administrators and Contract Professionals; Non-academic, non-staff positions complying with criteria set by the University. Salary increases in accordance with parameters approved by the Board of Regents.
  • Letters of Appointment: Non-faculty positions funded 100 percent by grants which otherwise comply with Board of Regents Contract criteria Specified, limited term of employment. Salaries established in accordance with grant provisions.
  • Union-affiliated Staff members covered by the State Classification and Pay Plan and whose positions are designated as union-affiliated. Salaries in accordance with the State Pay Plan. (Includes MPEA and Laborers unions in Missoula)
  • Non-union Staff members exempt from union affiliation (per above explanations). Salaries in accordance with the State Pay Plan. (Note: Approximately 282 employees at Missoula)
  • Craft: Typically affiliated with one of the skilled craft unions. Salaries negotiated with appropriate bargaining units.

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