Flex Spending Accounts

What are Flexible Spending Accounts?
Flexible Spending Accounts offer an employee the ability to defer pretax earnings into a spending account to pay out-of-pockets costs for family medical and dependent daycare expenses. 

How can I find out the balance of my Flexible Spending Account?
Visiting www.askallegiance.com will provide you with this information.

Medical Spending Account - Eligible expenses can be found at www.askallegiance.com .

Dependent Daycare Spending Account - Eligible expenses include most non-educational, non-medical daycare costs incurred through the use of a licensed daycare center or babysitters' services inside or outside the home. Eligible dependents include children under age 13, and older dependents if they are mentally or physically incapable of taking care of themselves.

How do I sign up for Flexible Spending Accounts?
New employees can sign up for Medical or Dependent Care flexible spending accounts when they choose their benefits during the first 31 days of employment. There is an annual benefits election period each year, prior to the beginning of the new enrollment year beginning July 1st. Notices are sent to employees to advise them of the enrollment period each year. You must actively sign up for these accounts each year-they do not roll over.

How do I claim money from my Medical Flexible Spending Account?
Medical Reimbursement claim forms may be obtained at Human Resource Services or from www.askallegiance.com To submit a claim, complete the form and attach a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the insurer showing what they have paid and the remaining balance.

How do I claim money from my Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account?

Dependent Care Reimbursement claim forms may be obtained at Human Resource Services or from www.askallegiance.com. To submit a claim, both you and your dependent care provider will need to complete the claim form. If you have recurring day care expenses, you have the option to set up an automatic reimbursement process.