When do I get paid?
Staff are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Staff who have elected direct deposit will have a direct deposit to their account every other Wednesday. Checks are available for pickup in Human Resource Services, Emma B. Lommasson Center, Room 252 on the pay date. Administrators, Faculty and Professionals are paid on a monthly basis.  Students are paid on a semi-monthly basis. Checks are available for pickup on the pay date in Human Resource Services. Please review the Pay Schedules for a calendar of dates.

Typically for monthly and semi-monthly paid employees, if a pay date falls on a Saturday direct deposit will be posted to bank accounts on Friday. If the pay date falls on a Sunday, direct deposits will be posted on the following Monday. For those individuals who do not have direct deposit, checks will be available for pickup on the pay date in Human Resource Services. Direct Deposit can be set-up via Cyberbear.

When can I pick up my check?
Pay checks for staff are available for pickup in Human Resource Services from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on the regular Wednesday pay date. These checks are not mailed. Administrators, Faculty and Professionals can pick up checks in Human Resource Services from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on the pay day of each month. These checks are not mailed. Note: You must show picture identification (driver's license or Griz Card) to receive your paycheck. Since only you are authorized to pick up your check, checks will only be released to you with appropriate identification. If you have submitted an Authorization for Electronic Direct Deposit form, your check will be directly deposited to your bank account after the initial pre-note process. Please ensure funds have posted to your account prior to spending.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?
To sign up for direct deposit, set-up Direct Deposit via Cyberbear. The direct deposit process requires a pre-note process (the first submission sends information with 0 zero dollars attached to verify information). Generally direct deposit will begin with the second paycheck after a completed authorization form has been processed by Human Resource Services.

When are checks deposited into my bank?
Administrators, Faculty, and Professionals:  the first working day of each month, the actual time of day depends on the banking institution.
Staff:  every other Wednesday, the actual time of day depends on the banking institution.
Students:  please refer to dates on the Student Pay Schedule

Can I get an advance on my paycheck?
Advance payments are not permitted under University policy.

What happens if I am not paid according to schedule?
Monthly paid employees who do not receive pay due to late paperwork submissions or some form of error in the payroll process can receive an Interim Check. Human Resource Services must receive completed hiring paperwork and an interim check request from your department by the 8th of the month. An Interim Check ($50 minimum) can be issued on the 15th. Interim checks must be picked up at Human Resource Services after 1:00 P.M. on the 15th. Because you must provide photo identification and sign for the interim check, it cannot be mailed or deposited to your bank account. Employees on a bi-weekly pay schedule will have any necessary corrections made on their next scheduled bi-weekly check, a correcting check will not be issued.

Can I get a copy of my earnings statement?
Administrators, faculty, staff and students may view and print their earnings statements by logging onto Cyberbear. For available work-study balances, contact the Financial Aid Office.

What are the deductions listed on my earnings statement?
See the Sample Earnings Statement for detailed descriptions.

Can I get a copy of my W-2?
W-2 forms for the previous year are available for pickup from Human Resource Services, usually during the third week of January. If your form is not picked up by the last week of January, it will be mailed to your last known address, as listed in Human Resource Services. Special Note: There is a $5.00 fee assessed for all duplicate W-2s.  You may also print a copy of your W-2 by logging onto Cyberbear.

What address do you have for me? And, if it is wrong, how can I change my address?
You can view your current address and make any necessary changes to it via Cyberbear.

How can I change my name or correct the spelling of my name?
Please fill out a Change of Name Form and send it or deliver it in person to Human Resource Services. If your name change is due to marriage, divorce, or a legal change of name, HRS must view your new Social Security card bearing the new name before the change can be processed.