Program Access
Employees may access Mediation Services in a variety of ways:

  • Individuals involved in the conflict may contact Mediation Services directly.
  • Supervisors, Directors or Department Heads may refer employees to the service.
  • Co-workers may contact Mediation Services about an on-going conflict between others.

Program Cost
Mediation services are available free of charge to any employee in the Montana University System. If you require Mediation Services at UM-Missoula, please contact Sara Drake at 243-5705. Sara is located in the Human Resource Services office, Lommasson 252.

Program Definition
Mediation helps employees find long-lasting solutions to workplace conflicts. Through a voluntary and confidential process, mediators assist employees with communication so that each person has his or her concerns heard and addressed. The participants voluntarily reach agreement and decide on how to put the dispute to rest. Mediation can help strengthen relationships, increase productivity and preserve the respect and dignity of the people involved in a dispute. While mediation may not be appropriate in all situations. These types of workplace conflicts can be mediated successfully:

  • Personality Clashes
  • Lack of Communication
  • Perceived Inequities
  • How You Are Treated
  • Productivity Concerns
  • Procedural Disagreements

Program Overview
All discussions are held in strict confidence by the mediator and the participants. The mediator visits with each person prior to the mediation. At the mediation meeting, the mediator explains the process and the rules. The mediator maintains a neutral position, facilitating a discussion of issues. During the process, the mediator may meet individually with each person.Once the issue(s) has been resolved, a written agreement is drawn up and signed by each participant. The agreement is kept in force by the parties themselves.

If no agreement is reached, the mediator will not share details of the session, but may notify the HRS/PPS office of the impasse. The mediator will schedule follow-up sessions with both people involved.

Please note that some campuses may have designated web sites, additional peer mediators and resources available. Be sure to visit your respective campuses website. If you require Mediation Services, please select the appropriate campus contact person listed on the UM/MSU menus on either side of this website.


Kevin McRae, Director
Labor Relations & Personnel
2500 Broadway
Helena, MT 59620
(406) 444-6570

Sara Drake
Emma B. Lommasson Center
Room 252
(406) 243-5705

Montana Tech
Vanessa Van Dyk
Human Resources
1300 West Park Street
(406) 496-4322

Susan Briggs, V.C.
Administration & Finance
(406) 683-7349


Human Resources Office
Room 310, McMullen Hall
(406) 657-2278

Susan Alt
Personnel & Payroll Services
Room 19, Montana Hall
(406) 994-3651

Great Falls
Mary Kay Bonilla
Payroll & Benefits Office
(406) 771-5123

Kathy Jaynes
Human Resources & Payroll
Room 203, Cowan Hall
(406) 265-4147