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Running Effective Meetings

Looking for fresh ideas for how to spend less time in meetings and get more out of them? This interactive workshop will explore meeting facilitation processes and techniques to help you and your team engage collaboratively and creatively to solve problems, make decisions, and execute actions.

Wednesday, September 28 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm, Todd Building 204

Facilitator: Gordy Pace has been involved in numerous organizational change initiatives during his 28 years at UM. He has chaired University governance groups, designed and facilitated strategic planning processes and has been a leader in introducing participant-driven open-space (unconference) meetings on campus. He’s particularly interested in supporting leadership and communication skills development. Co-sponsored with the Faculty Development Office.

Gordy currently serves as Director of Communications in Information Technology. He has a master’s degree in public administration and undergraduate degrees in journalism and political science from UM.

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Working Styles

Misunderstandings and conflicts occur at work even under the best circumstances. This interactive workshop will give you an insight into the way you and others work and think. By learning to identify the strengths and limitations of different working styles, you can begin to appreciate that differences can optimize your ability to perform. Through understanding how different people are motivated, you can become more effective and improve communication and interpersonal relationships.

Facilitator: Cindy Boies is the Training and Development Manager in Human Resource Services.

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Customer Service

Improving our Internal Customer Service

Every person working within the University of Montana who impacts our work, or is impacted by our work, is our “Internal Customer”.  Internal customer service is the foundation for our external customer service. This workshop is designed to both help build our internal customer service skills, as well as problem solve key internal customer service issues.

Wednesday, October 19 from 9:00am to 11:00am, UC 331/332

Facilitator: Brooke Corr has over 33 years of business management, hiring, training, and team building experience. She led and trained exceptional customer service teams at the UC Market and the Bookstore at the University of Montana for over 27 years.  Brooke has been facilitating interactive workshops for over 25 years and is the owner of Kaleidoscope Consulting, specializing in Customer Service Training, Interactive Skill Building Workshops and Mediation Services.

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HRS Policy Spotlight

Human Resource Services strives to provide multiple opportunities for employees to get the information they need to be a productive member of our campus community.  HRS Policy Spotlight is an opportunity for you to interact with Human Resources representatives who present specialized human resources or payroll topics six times a year.

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New Employee Welcome

New Employee Welcome (NEW) session, sponsored by Human Resource Services, is your opportunity to get the information you need to become familiar with the benefits of University of Montana (UM) membership; to get answers to your critical employment questions; and to connect with a variety of team members from other areas of campus. While we know you’ll be excited to participate, University of Montana policy requires all new staff, supervisors, administrators and faculty to attend.

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Personal Development

Engaging with Work

According to recent Gallup Poll data, the percentage of U.S. workers engaged in their jobs currently averages 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were "not engaged," while another 17.2% were "actively disengaged." Where are you on the continuum?

This interactive workshop will explore how to connect more fully to your work by helping identify the values and needs you place on your position and strategies you can use to increase your satisfaction.

Thursday, October 13 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, UC 326/327 (please note room change from original announcement)

Facilitators: Aimee Ryan is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, a Certified Mediator, and an experienced facilitator. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations to support them in becoming their fullest selves and bringing their greatest potential to the world. Aimee has experience working with nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, schools, prisons, communities, families and individuals.

Patrick Marsolek is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and author who works with businesses, individuals and families to develop effective and compassionate communication. He brings extensive group facilitation experience and is known for creating a welcoming, inspiring environment for learning, creativity and conflict resolution.

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Skill Development

Using Focus Groups to Improve Your Work

Focus groups can be an effective method for gathering rich qualitative data about student learning, customer satisfaction, or program impact. This session will give you the tools to conduct successful focus groups and will explore examples of this practice in higher education. Co-sponsored with the Faculty Development Office.

Wednesday, October 26 from 2:00pm to 2:50pm, Todd Building 204

Facilitator: Nathan Lindsay specialized in qualitative research in his graduate studies and has conducted dozens of focus groups at universities across the country.  He has written several articles about focus group methodologies and applications.

Nathan currently serves as the Associate Provost for Dynamic Learning and provides support for curricular review, assessment, accreditation, and student success initiatives across campus.

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MUS Wellness Webinars

The Montana University System Wellness Program offers webinars led by their nutrition and exercise specialists that focus on a variety of general health and wellness topics. Webinars are usually shown monthly or bimonthly during the lunch hour and are a great way to increase your education over lunch. Watch alone or invite your coworkers and turn it into an office event!

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