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Coaching Employees to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service can make or break an organization. But often our front-line workers don’t always come to us with exceptional customer service skills. How do we help employees continuously grow their personal interaction skills and hold them accountable for providing good service? This highly interactive, skill-building workshop will explore how people who supervise can effectively train, coach, and develop employees into becoming exceptional customer service providers.

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Facilitator: Brooke Corr has over 33 years of business management, hiring, training, and team building experience. She has been facilitating interactive workshops for over 25 years and is the owner of Kaleidoscope Consulting, specializing in Customer Service Training, Interactive Workshops, Facilitation Services and Mediation Services.

Working Styles

Misunderstandings and conflicts occur at work even under the best circumstances. This workshop will give you an insight into the way you and others work and think. By learning to identify the strengths and limitations of different working styles, you can begin to appreciate that differences can optimize your ability to perform. Through understanding how different people are motivated, you can become more effective and improve communication and interpersonal relationships.

Facilitator: Cindy Boies is the Training and Development Manager in Human Resource Services.

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3 Keystone Habits for Great Communication

In his book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg says that some habits have the power to start a chain reaction as they move through an organization. These “keystone” habits start a process that encourages widespread change by creating cultures where new values become ingrained. This interactive workshop will help you identify and develop strategies for implementing three keystone communication habits that can serve as powerful levers for making your communication work for you, your audience and the University.

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Facilitators: Gordy Pace, Claudine Cellier and Jasmine Zink Laine are co-authors of the 2014 report Recommendations for Improving Internal Communications at UM, and developers of the website umt.edu/communicate. Gordy is Director of Communications in Information Technology, Claudine is Assistant to the Provost and Jasmine manages academic policy, assessment and accreditation processes in the Provost’s Office.

Developing Clear, Respectful Communication

Based on the Compassionate Communication model, this workshop will focus on easy to use, practical skills for increasing your effectiveness in communication. Our values direct our actions, communications and all forms of behavior. With greater self-awareness, you can choose the strategies that improve your communication with others. You can also learn to recognize and appreciate other people’s expression of their values and needs and empathize with them, while meeting your own needs. This class is based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

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Facilitator: Patrick Marsolek works with businesses, individuals and families on how to communicate effectively and compassionately and how to access untapped resources for growth and effectiveness. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in Missoula and Helena. Patrick teaches experiential classes on hypnosis, intuition, compassionate communication and using altered states of consciousness for personal transformation.


Accessibility on the UM Campus from Students’ Perspectives

Does the University of Montana do a good job of ensuring equal access for individuals with disabilities? Let’s hear students’ voices. As part of the Access Partners Workshop Series, UM students with disabilities will share their perspectives on accessibility and the learning environment at UM. The students will discuss their experiences pertaining to modifications for their courses, information access, and other access barriers. This workshop will help participants to be able to identify what is accessible, what a hospitable learning environment looks like and what each of us can do to promote equal access on our campus.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 from 2:10pm to 4:00pm, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, Theta Rho Room 410

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iTEAM: Teach, Empower, Assist, and Mentor International Students

Do you often interact with international students and scholars? This year UM welcomed students and scholars from over 75 different countries, all with unique strengths, needs and cultural perspectives. iTEAM training is designed to help staff and faculty address the challenges of working with such a diverse group of students, and create a network of iTEAM contacts across campus. This training is being sponsored by Human Resource Services Training and Development in collaboration with International Programs and Foreign Student and Scholar Services.

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Facilitators: This interactive training will be facilitated by representatives from International Programs (Peter Baker, Julie Cahill), and Foreign Student and Scholar Services (Mary Nellis, Mona Mondava). Each of these individuals bring years of varied and specialized experiences working with international students and scholars. Part of this training will include aspects of cross-cultural competency, to be provided by Udo Fluck, Ph.D., director of Global Gateway, an educational services portal offering cross-cultural and global competence trainings to the UM campus and greater Missoula community.

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HRS Spotlight

Human Resource Services strives to provide multiple opportunities for employees to get the information they need to be a productive member of our campus community.  HRS Spotlight is an opportunity for you to interact with Human Resources representatives who present specialized human resources or payroll topics six times a year.

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Progress, Potential, and Leadership

“Progress is impossible without change” (George Bernard Shaw), and leadership facilitates change. This workshop aims at helping aspiring and accomplished leaders alike develop and improve leadership skills and increase their effectiveness in facilitating change. Workshop participants will focus on creating a vision, communicating shared values, focusing on the future, and dealing with adaptive challenges. They will also become acquainted with leadership keywords such as danger, authority, loss, diversion, attack, seduction, and improvisation.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitator: Paulo Zagalo-Melo is Associate Provost for Global Century Education, Director of International Programs, and Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Montana. Previously, he was Director for Science, Technology and Innovation at the Luso-American Foundation, Executive Director of Fulbright Portugal, and Senior Accountant at Ernst & Young. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Catholic University of Portugal, and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Colorado at Boulder and at Catholic University of Portugal. He was also a TEDx Speaker on “Building a Global Nation”.

Leadership at all Levels

Building on Joseph Raelin’s concept of the “leaderful community”, this session examines leadership at various levels of the organization and the practices that foster such a culture. Innovation, idea generation and the ability for an organization to embrace change are among the attributes of the leaderful community. How can we all help move UM in this direction? Session attendees will actively participate in identifying where UM is on the leaderful community spectrum, and what more we can do to build that community. This workshop is being co-sponsored by Human Resource Services and the Faculty Development Office.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitator: Matt Riley is the Chief Information Officer for the University of Montana. Matt leads the central IT organization for UM, bringing technology-related infrastructure, services and support to the UM community. Working with university and state leaders, Matt provides vision, strategic direction and IT advocacy for UM in Missoula, affiliate campuses and higher education in Montana. Matt has been active in the higher education IT community throughout his career, and has recently been involved with leadership programs at Stanford and now in Montana. Matt holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Business, both from the University of Redlands.

New Employee Welcome

New Employee Welcome (NEW) session, sponsored by Human Resource Services, is your opportunity to get the information you need to become familiar with the benefits of University of Montana (UM) membership; to get answers to your critical employment questions; and to connect with a variety of team members from other areas of campus. While we know you’ll be excited to participate, University of Montana policy requires all new staff, supervisors, administrators and faculty to attend.

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Survive the Unthinkable: Safety and Self-Defense Strategies to Keep You Safe

With crimes of physical violence and assault on the rise, are you concerned with your personal safety? Unfortunately, there are those in our world that prey on others. Law Enforcement does not have the resources to keep us all safe, nor are they our bodyguards. This workshop will teach simple basic self-defense maneuvers and techniques for staying safe that do not focus on physical attributes and skills that take years to hone, but rather simple strategies and tips to help anyone stay safe and defend themselves.

When: Workshop completed
Instructor: Alain Burrese, J.D., is the author of two books on self-defense, numerous articles on safety and self-defense and conducts safety and self-defense seminars around the country. He is a former sniper instructor for the U.S. Army and has held various security positions. He’s studied martial arts, self-defense, and safety since 1982 and works for the University of Montana Police Department as part of their Special Event Team.

Skill Development

Time Management and Goal Setting: Finding Ways to Focus on Your Priorities

Need help gaining control of your schedule to give you time to work on the projects you value most? This workshop will review cornerstones of time management and offer practical strategies for setting goals to further your career, balancing your work and personal lives, or just getting things done. Attend this session to learn how to be more efficient and perhaps find more time in your day.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitators: Samantha Hines is Professor and Head Librarian for the Missoula College campus library of the University of Montana and has been on the Mansfield Library faculty since 2004. She writes and presents widely on issues of library middle management, motivation, and time management.

Amy Kinch is the Director of UM’s Faculty Development Office, which provides opportunities to faculty to grow professionally and personally.  She recently served as the facilitator for a faculty learning community on efficiency and productivity and is very interested in leadership development in UM employees. She previously worked as the Program Manager for UM’s Partnership for Comprehensive Equity, a National Science Foundation grant to promote the recruitment and retention of diverse science faculty members.


Leading and Supervising Employees for Success

A supervisor's role is to insure that effective performance management is part of the daily work environment through training, balanced feedback, coaching and, when needed, disciplinary processes. In this session you will learn: some tips and tools for successful performance management; UM specific processes for managing staff; how to help an employee who is struggling to meet performance expectations before it becomes a larger issue; managing concerns that rise to the level of potential discipline; and knowledge about the staff collective bargaining agreements such as Weingarten rights. Recommended for anyone who supervises or is interested in advancing into a supervisory position at UM.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitator: Sara Drake is the Associate Director of Human Resource Services and oversees Employee and Labor Relations. Sara has over 25 years of management/leadership experience, is a trained mediator and has been with the University of Montana since 1995.

"U" Learn

Career Ladders and Career Advancement at UM

Career Ladders and Career Advancement at UM can sometimes be confusing. This workshop will uncover how to utilize Career Ladders as a growth development strategy, how Career Ladders can help managers meet business needs and why Career Ladders are a great recruitment tool. We will also look at how application materials are assessed, discuss how to more effectively address the knowledge, skills and ability requirements and provide you with tips to be more successful in advancing your career at UM.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitators: Sheila Wright is the Compensation Manager, Hannah Singleton is the Compensation Analyst and Cindy Boies is the Training and Development Manager in Human Resource Services.

Helping Students: “I didn’t see that coming!”

In the midst of ordinary business interactions, students sometimes hint at or outright disclose personal matters that are troubling them.  We don’t always know how to respond.  What do you do when students divulge things and you know you are out of your field? This workshop will help you gain confidence to address students’ concerns. Building on your skills and knowledge, you will learn ways to set boundaries, ask the right questions, and link students to helping resources.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitators: Tammy Freimund has over 30 years of professional experience providing social and educational services. Her master's research focused on methods for effectively integrating students of varying abilities into education programs. During Tammy's career, she has served as administrator, social worker, educator, and counselor.  Since 1998, Tammy has developed and instructed programs in the field of education. Now, as Director of the Missoula College Academic Advising Center, she strives to promote program excellence and student success.

Mike Frost has 27 years of experience as a counselor, 24 of which have been at the University of Montana’s Curry Health Center where he now serves as the Counseling Director.  His master’s degree is in Guidance and Counseling from UM and he is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addictions Counselor.

SustainableUM: Policies, Practices, and Values

Besides being one of the core values stated in UM’s strategic plan, sustainability is something many of us seek to support and create in the world around us. UM’s progress to date is the result of committed students, faculty, and staff and we have accomplished great things over the last several years. But there is always more to do and to learn.

Join your colleagues for a two-hour session that explores what “sustainability” looks like at UM, what creative approaches we each can take to improve the sustainability of our departments and offices, and to be inspired! Following the workshop there will be an optional campus tour highlighting projects on campus that improve the sustainability of our food systems, reduce our energy consumption, and create healthier work spaces.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitator: Eva Rocke is the UM Sustainability Coordinator. She facilitates campus wide sustainability efforts including the implementation of greenhouse gas reduction strategies, exploration of renewable energy possibilities for UM, carbon offset purchasing, and various other projects to help UM reach its carbon neutrality goal. Her work also includes engaging students, faculty, and staff in all of these efforts and making the social and economic dimensions of sustainability part of UM's sustainability vision.

Access Partners

Access Partners is a new campus group for those who take an active role in supporting accessibility at the University of Montana campus. In this workshop, you will gain basic knowledge about campus resources for faculty and staff to improve accessibility. Topics include what campus resources are available to you, what Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) compliance means to you, how UM employees request reasonable accommodations for their work and what support Disability Services for Students offers to faculty members to work with students with disabilities. This workshop is being sponsored by Human Resource Services Training and Development in collaboration with Access Partners.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitators: Amy Capolupo, Director of Disability Services for Students; Cindy Boies, Training/Development Manager in Human Resource Services; Janet Sedgley, EITA Coordinator; Marlene Zentz, UMOnline Accessibility Specialist; Barb Seekins, Chair of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) team; Jessica Weltman, Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and Title IX Coordinator.

The Bottom Line on Title IX: Discrimination, Sexual Assault and Your Responsibility

The University of Montana has made great strides in the ongoing work to prevent sexual assault on our campus. This session will focus on what UM employees need to know about Title IX and student sexual misconduct. It will outline the University’s Discrimination Policy and Procedures for a University investigation, how to respond if a student shares that they have been the victim of sexual misconduct, mandated reporting, what support and interim measures are available to students who report to the Title IX Coordinator, what confidentiality means in this context and how we are looking to change our campus culture through bystander intervention.

When: Workshop completed

Facilitators: Jessica Weltman is the Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and Title IX Coordinator for the University of Montana. She has a long history working to end interpersonal violence, as a trainer for students and professionals and from her thirteen years as a practicing lawyer. Jessica’s court experience includes representing individuals seeking orders for protection against violent partners and representing individuals accused of violating the law.

Dr. Kimberly Brown Campbell serves as the Campus Assault Prevention Coordinator (CAPC) within the Division of Student Affairs at UM. Dr. Brown Campbell also co-chairs the University Council on Student Assault which unites many partners to prevent all forms of relationship and interpersonal violence on the UM campus.  Targeted areas of violence prevention on campus include domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, rape, and stalking.


MUS Wellness Webinars

The Montana University System Wellness Program offers webinars led by their nutrition and exercise specialists that focus on a variety of general health and wellness topics. Webinars are usually shown monthly or bimonthly during the lunch hour, and are a great way to increase your education over lunch. Watch alone or invite your coworkers and turn it into an office event!

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