Classified/Contract Professional Severance Offer

Why are we making this offer?

The University of Montana has a finite amount of financial resources. Currently, employment costs absorb the majority of those resources.  As enrollment has declined over the past several years the institution has not had a similar reduction in staffing levels.  This severance offer makes it possible for employees to voluntarily reduce staffing levels at UM before it is necessary to introduce involuntary layoffs.


  • Classified Staff – union and non-union / salaried or hourly
  • Contract Professionals (MUS Contracts)
  • Administrators (BOR and MUS Contracts)
  • Must be paid in a position that is funded by state / general funds
  • Must be a 1.0 FTE in that funded position
  • Must be currently employed and have an initial employment date no later than October 17, 2015

Not Eligible

  • Faculty
  • Individuals currently employed in a post-retirement status
  • Individuals employed under letter of appointment contracts
  • Any employee whose current position is being actively recruited, meaning the recruitment is already in progress in the Human Resource Services department
  • Any employee who has submitted a letter of resignation to their supervisor/manager on or prior to October 17, 2017


  • Notification of eligibility, based on FTE and funding status, will be made to all eligible employees.  Notification will go out by email no later than 5:00 pm, Friday, October 20, 2017.
  • Documents detailing the offer will be sent to those eligible for the offer.
  • General information in regard to this offer will be available on the UM Human Resource Services webpage on the home page.
  • Questions in regard to this offer should be directed to 243-2665, Sara Drake or Terri Phillips
  • On Monday, October 23, 2017, two informational sessions in regard to this severance offer will be held in the University Center. Specific details will follow – please attend either session.

Offer Entails

  • Employee must express interest in the offer on the required form no later than November 22, 2017. Completed and signed form must be submitted to Human Resource Services no later than 5pm on November 22, 2017 – post mark on an envelope will not suffice.
  • Employee will have until 5pm on December 6, 2017 to submit commitment paperwork to Human Resource Services – post mark on an envelope will not suffice.
  • Employment duties will terminate no later than December 31, 2017.
  • Employee will be paid the equivalent of six months of wages at their stated salary level as of December 6, 2017, in January 2018 as severance.
  • Employee will remain on medical and dental coverage until December 31, 2018; or,
  • Employee may elect to receive a lump sum payment of $12,648 (the value of 12 months of health insurance), plus their severance payment, in lieu of remaining on the health insurance plan.
  • If the Employee chooses to continue coverage for their dependents they will be responsible for paying all out of pocket costs
  • At the termination of health insurance coverage, either in December 2017 or December 2018, the individual will receive notification of availability of COBRA coverage.


  • Offer participants understand and agree that they will remain employed by the University of Montana through December 31, 2017.
  • Offer participants understand and agree that they will only be eligible for the voluntary severance plan payments as described above and in the Offer documents. All rights to seniority-based reassignment provisions or preferential rehire or recall benefits are waived.
  • Offer participants agree that their separation date will be December 31, 2017.
  • Any future employment with the University of Montana will be governed by the employment procedures in effect at the time of application.
  • Offer participants may seek future employment with the University of Montana, Missoula College, or the Bitterroot College. However, if re-employed prior to July 1, 2018 the individual will be required to repay a pro-rated amount of any salary and benefits based on the number of days they are reemployed that are covered by the severance offer payment.  If re-employment happens after June 30, 2018 there will be no repayment of severance payment, however there could be a repayment necessary in regard to the health insurance benefit.
  • Offer participants may seek employment at any other unit of the Montana University System other than those listed in the bullet above and not have to make a repayment of severance payment.
  • To be eligible for any payment under this offer, the eligible participant must continue to perform as a satisfactory employee until the final date of active employment.

Note: Please see "Resources" column on the right hand side of this page for the Process Steps required to complete the offer.




1) Complete Non-Binding Election Form
2) Submit to HRS no later than 5pm on Wed., Nov. 22, 2017
3) Seek outside legal counsel if you wish
4) Sign and Date Separation and Release Agreement
5) Submit to HRS no later than 5pm on Wed., Dec. 6, 2017
6) Contact HRS at 406-243-2665 for questions.


Additional Resources:


President's Overview
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HRS Informational Sessions
UC 331-332 Mon., Oct. 23 - 10:00 a.m.
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