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Welcome to the UM Recruiter Newsletter!

This newsletter is brought to you by the Human Resource Services (HRS) Recruitment office. As a division of HRS, the Recruitment Office is here to assist and advise The University of Montana – Missoula campus and all affiliate campuses with recruiting and hiring. Not only do we provide our services to departments across multiple campuses, we also assist applicants who are interested in working here at UM.

The UM Recruiter Newsletter is coming to you with an exciting announcement regarding a change to UM Jobs. Starting in April, we will be implementing an electronic recruitment and hiring system. The new UM Jobs system offers many benefits to all users and will be an exciting change to our current recruiting and hiring process.

Stay tuned for more issues of the UM Recruiter Newsletter coming your way in the near future!



We've archived every issue of the UM Recruiter Newsletter so that you don't have to miss a thing:

Human Resource Services

Emma B. Lommasson Center
Room 252

The University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812

Phone: 406-243-6766

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