Control Self-Assessment


In an effort to enhance our understanding of the University's departments and reporting units, we are asking for your assistance in providing us with information. This information will enable us to gain an understanding of the department's significant operations and activities, areas of focus, achievements, issues and concerns. The information you provide may enable us to identify opportunities for increased effectiveness and efficiency, possible weaknesses in internal control, or possible non-compliance with University or other applicable policies and procedures within your unit. Additionally, this questionnaire presents an opportunity for you to assist us in conducting a "self audit" of your operations.

Basic Internal Control Self-Assessment Matix

Following is the PowerPoint Internal Controls training.  Please contact our office with any questions or concerns!  (406) 243-6417

Internal Controls Training 

Instructions for Completion

Complete the following Departmental Self-Assessment individually, not as a group. Answer the questions, as you understand the department procedures. There is no right or wrong answer! Feel free to use the additional comment section at the end if more space is needed.  You may also request a copy of the completed survey in the additional comments section at the end of the survey.

Please direct all inquiries and/or comments you may have regarding the questionnaire, or other matters, to the Internal Audit Office at 243-2545.

Note: If you are a Citrix Server user, you may "time-out".  Please be aware of the time-out issue prior to starting the survey.

Entire Questionnaire