Internal Audit Staff

Kathy Burgmeier - Director


Author: Unknown
Title: Unknown
Location: University Center

phone: 406-243-2545

IA Director Since: November 1991
Interesting Fact: Kathy once engineered a train.

Beverly Hawkins-Llewellyn - Auditor

Bev Hawkins-Llewellyn

Author: Unknown
Title: Unknown
Location: Highlands College of Montana Tech in Butte

phone: 406-243-4427

With IA Since: October 2001
Interesting Fact: Bev loves sewing, and loves the challenge of alterations to formal wear!

Tiffany Kuehn - Manager

Author: John Vichorek
Title: Teepee Burner, Welded Steel, ca. 1971, restored 2006
Location: West of University Center

phone: 406-243-6417

With IA Since: June 2013
Interesting Fact: Tiffany learned to drive at the age of 4; granted, it was only a garden tractor.

Kylie Bilbrey - Student Intern

 Kylie B
Author:  Rudy Autio
Title:  Signal, Concrete, ceramic, 1966
Aurthor Avenue in front of Miller Hall.

phone: 406-243-2550

With IA Since: May 2015
Interesting Fact: 
Kylie's first time white water rafting was in Ecuador on a Class IV river!

Ryan Hover - Student Intern

Ryan Hover

Author: Rudy Autio
Title: GRIZZ, Cast Bronze, 1968
Location: Main entrance to campus

phone: 406-243-2550

With IA Since: May 2015
Interesting Fact: 
Ryan has a Great Dane named Maddy!

Information on public art can be obtained from the Montana Museum of Art and Culture.