2014 Fellows


Jean Bosco AbderamaneJean-Bosco ABDERAMANE was born August 14, 1969 in Bangui, Central African Republic. He grew up in Bangui and received a Master’s degree in urban planning in Togo; a Masters of Land Planning and Regional Development, ESAD Laval University Quebec, Canada, a Certificate of Urban Transportation Planning, Rabah International University(RIU) in Morocco, a Certificate of Water and Sanitation and a Certificate in Public Management, National School of Bridge and Roads (ENPC) in Paris, France. Jean Bosco is the Director of Technical Services at the Municipality of Bangui CAR since 2002, and he was also the Director of Studies and Projects of Urban Development to 2008 from 2010.


Abalo Assih

Abalo Assih is from Togo. He is 50 years old, is  married and has seven children. After his primary studies in his native village Bohou from 1971 to June 1977, he received his college certificate in June 1981. After that, he entered a high school a little far away from his native town and got his A-Level Diploma in July 1985. Abalo started the University at the Law School in the University of Bénin in Lome in Togo. He received a Master's Degree in Law in June 1989. In April 1991, Mr Assih was incorporated in the National Police Force as a Police Commissioner and until arriving in Missoula, he was Head of the National Police Academy in Togo. 


Idris Bexi-Warsama

Dr. Idris BEXI WARSAMA is a Professor of Geophysics at University of Djibouti. He is the Chief of Science at department of Earth. He has more than ten years of experience in education and is working as Senior Consultant in Environment. He graduated from French universities in France having two Master's Degrees in Fundamental Physics & Environmental Management. He did his Ph.D. in Geophysics at Sorbonne Paris Cité University. Dr Bexi-Warsama studied and developed a new sensor for agricultural fields. This device determines the exact quantity of moisture and salinity in real time in the soil. Now, Idris is also studying methods of geophysical prospecting for natural resources. He is in the USA to share his knowledge and experiences with American professionals. 


Rosario CarmenRosario Carmona is from Mexico. She is a journalist and has worked in different media: Mexican Radio Stations and collaborations with foreign Radio Stations as "Cadena Ser" of Spain, ”W Radio Colombia", "ADN" of Chile, "W Radio in Los Angeles, California". She also has worked in TV news, newspapers and most recently for a digital newspaper. For her work, Rosario has traveled to the most important and also the more dangerous cities in her country because she has written about the victims of violence, hurricanes, and earthquakes. She has also witnessed the inauguration of presidents of other countries like Guatemala where she went with a group of reporters accompanying the president of her country. Rosario won a National Award for Journalism against Discrimination in 2011 by a radio report. Among the most important experiences in her work, Rosario has researched infant deaths in public hospitals, sexual attacks inside prisons, and the illegal detention of indigenous women.


Aye Aye Cho

Aye Aye Cho was born in March 10th 1961 in Yangon, Myanmar. She got her B.Ed. in 1983, MEd in 1991 in the Yangon Institute of Education.  Aye Aye was selected to continue her study in Hiroshima University of Japan and she received a PhD in 1998 in the field of Educational Administration focusing on curriculum development in Environmental Education. She started to work at the Basic Education High Schools of Myanmar as a high school teacher in 1983. Now she is working for the Yangon Institute of Education as a professor and head of the department.


Meng Han Meng Han is from China and has witnessed massive reforms of China, both economic and political. She has been working for the Beijing News since 2003 as a senior& photojournalist in charge of collecting breaking news, political news and economic news. Acting as a photojournalist, Meng’s reports had a wide range of topics like Judge was shot in Zhuzhou, Hu’nan,172 victims buried in flooded Coal Mine in Xinwen, Wenchuan Earthquake, Japanese Earthquake, Yushu Earthquake, and so on. After ten years’ working in the field of media, Meng has a much broader and deeper understanding of Chinese society. Meng is glad to be one of 2014-2015 Humphrey Fellows and to study and exchange with other peers in top 50 American universities. She will cherish this opportunity to share ideas with professionals from all over the world.


Wanel Jean-Baptists

Wanel Jean-Baptiste was born in Port au Prince, Haiti. He is the father of three children. Wanel earned his degree in economic sciences at state University of Haiti in Cap Haitian, and also an Engineering Forestry degree at Universidad ISA, Santiago de los Caballeros Dominican Republic. Wanel worked on many projects in agriculture as an agronomist. He was a coordinator in a Project of Banana Production at AGRITRANS SA. Wanel has often observed that Agricultural production in Haiti is insufficient and can’t meet the needs of the population living in poverty. For that reason, during his stay in the USA, he plans to study Agriculture and Rural Development based on management of development projects, development the food security strategies, and take courses in agriculture concerning the environment of protected areas. Wanel would like to go back to Haiti and work with small farmers to apply the new technical knowledge he will gain in agricultural intervention. He knows that by means of these skills he receives in the US, he can promote food security in my community.


Umar Mehmood

Umar Mehmood is from Punjab, Pakistan. Professionally an Engineer, Umar recently completed his Masters in Engineering, and is currently working as Assistant Director (Tech.) with the government of Pakistan in a program funded by the World Bank.  Umar’s job description is “Planning, Development and Implementation of Latest Water Management Interventions”. Umar’s field of interest /specialty is the use of solar energy for high efficiency Irrigation systems like solar water pumps and drip/ sprinkler systems. The reason for this interest is that in Pakistan people are facing severe energy and water shortages. Mr. Mehmood’s ambition during his stay in US is to learn about skills to communicate knowledge at theoretical as well as at applied scientific levels, to improve his professional development and managerial skills, to work and gain knowledge of alternative sources of energy, and to develop a network of professionals and community.  Ultimately, Umar would like to work with professionals and community members in developing countries to promote the welfare of people in rural communities with water or energy needs. 


Emiliano Respighi

Mr. Respighi was a National Director of Civil Protection of Argentina. He was Undersecretary of Emergencies of City of Buenos Aires, and after that Executive Secretary of Emergencies of Buenos Aires Province. Mr. Respighi earned a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences, continuing his studies, a Master in Cultural Policy and PhD in Social Sciences at General Sarmiento National University, Argentina. During his fellowship year at the University on Montana and University Of Washington, Seattle, Mr. Respighi will focus on public policy analysis and public administration; particularly new theoretical and practical tools that will help rethink strategies that are being currently applied in Argentina to improve public policy. 


Liana Sahakyan

Liana Sahakyan was born in 1976, in Armenia. In 1998 Liana Sahakyan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Armenian Language and Literature (Philology) from Tatev University of Goris. She is the founder and president of Sose Women’s Issues NGO since 2003 and has 10 years of experience organizing and implementing outreach programs in Armenia. From 2003 until today, Sose has held education seminars focusing on women's health, child development, domestic violence, sexual health, dental health, and the environment throughout the Syunik region. In 2009, Liana received the Volunteer Award from US Embassy for improving the health of the men and women of Syunik Marz. Liana has recently been focusing on advocacy based projects for local women and children. These projects include the Red Apple/Bavakan film and the There Is A Hope project for women's rights and the (kindergarten project) to help needy children gain access to education.  As a Hubert Humphrey fellow, Liana’s field is Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration. One of her major goals for the next several years is to push her NGO to being more sustainable and less dependent on other organizations. 


Carlos Watson

Mr. Watson is Independent consultant, Founder and Board member of ISOC CR. He was a contributor of BSD Certification (BSD Unix) also contributor at Internet Observatory which is an international portal for information. Mr. Watson is part of WSA and WSA (mobile) such an Eminent National Experts. The WSA-mobile is a global initiative to select and promote the world’s best in mobile content and innovative applications within the framework of, and in cooperation with, the United Nations’ WSIS, mandated by the WSIS Plan of Action and executed in collaboration with UNESCO on national approaches to issues concerning the Internet; in addition, well he has worked as a Board of Director in the largest telecommunications Company in Costa Rica.