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Welcome Back!

Study Abroad Ambassadors at Salmon Lake

Back at UM

Now that you have completed your study abroad experience…

  • IP will contact you once your transcript arrives.  You will need to complete the Returned Student Contact Information Sheet so IP knows how to contact you.  IP will submit the original transcript to UM's Enrollment Services for credit transfer.

  • Complete your Final Program Evaluation on your study abroad account. 

Get involved on campus and share your experience…

  • Consider becoming a Study Abroad Ambassador to promote study abroad to other UM students. Apply now!

  • Sign up for the Study Abroad Fairs to help promote UM study abroad programs.

  • Think about becoming a friend to an incoming international student though the Global Partners Program.

  • Consider becoming a Community Conversation Partner to an international student in UM's English Language Institute.

  • You might be interested in interning abroad. Learn about IE3.

  • Explore future opportunities for international experiences through the Peace Corps. Check out UM's Peace Corps office.