Internship Opportunities

Chloe Walker
Chloe Walker spent Spring Semester 2014 completing a Social Work Internship in Cambodia. Read her story.

Internships are available in every field of study and can be beneficial for every student. The Internships office works to connect University of Montana students to internship experiences not only in the Missoula area but throughout the United States and even internationally.  We also help employers find potential interns who can enhance the work being done at their companies/organizations while mentoring the young professionals of tomorrow.


Students can find internships in a variety of ways: networking with peers and professionals; approaching companies and organizations of interest about opportunities; and searching databases such as Handshake. For more information about searching for internships, please visit the student page.

Employers can advertise for interns though our office to specifically recruit University of Montana students.  Using Handshake, students can search for internships based on their major, location, and other criteria.  To expedite this process, users are able to set up auto-emails that send out alerts that new positions are being advertised that meet the student's search criteria.  For more information about how to reach the thousands of University students on Handshake, please visit the employer page.

Domestic vs. International Internships

The two primary categories of internships that we facilitate through our office are Domestic Internships & International Internships. The primary differences between these two types of internship experiences are not only related to the locale of the internship but also the time and paperwork involved in applying for and accepting the internship. A surprising amount of internships are available abroad in a variety of majors and fields of interest but the applications and other paperwork can be daunting and time consuming. Domestic internship application processes can also take time to complete, especially if it is a highly coveted position within a major corporation, but generally can be completed with a few weeks to a couple months.

To find out more about the different options available to you, visit the Domestic Internships page or the International Internships page.