Griz eRecruiting

Griz eRecruiting is an online database for students to find internships/jobs and connect with employers; for employers to advertise internship/job opportunities; and for faculty members to manage credit bearing internships.

 Student Registration 

    • Students automatically receive a Griz eRecruiting account when they register for classes. Simply sign on with your NetID to search for internship opportunities.
    • Once you log into your account, make sure to complete your profile information.
    • Log in using the grey box to the left!

Employer Registration

    • Begin by determining if your organization/company is already in the database by following the directions given.
    • If you find the name of your company, check the box next to it and click "Continue." If you do not see your organization/company, select the "Can't Find Your organization" button.
    • Either way, the next screen will ask you to provide your information as an employer.  Please fill out all of the required information.
    • Click "Register" when you are finished.
    • Staff will fully approve your account as soon as possible.  If you receive an error during the registration process, please contact us
    • To log in, use the grey box to the left.  Be sure to select the bubble next to "Employer" before clicking the "Login" button.

Faculty Registration

A faculty account has already been created for you.  

    • If you do not know your login credentials, please contact our office.  
    • When logging in to Griz eRecruiting, be sure to select the bubble next to "Faculty"  before clicking the "Login" button.