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Internships combine classroom learning with part- or full-time practical work experience.  Internships office helps match employers with University of Montana students who offer fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.  We are also here to support you with any questions or concerns you may have during the internship.

Supervisor & Student Feedback (Summer 2014-Fall 2015)

Not sure an internship program is for you?  See what our interns and supervisors have to say about their internship experiences through the University of Montana:

Benefits to Employers

  • Benefit from cutting-edge technologies, perspectives, and relevant skills as they develop
  • Maintain a constant source of fresh ideas, specialized skills, and insights into your organization
  • Hire motivated seasonal or short-term talent at a relatively low cost without long-term commitments
  • Promote positive relations with students, the University, and the community
  • Strengthen the image of your company/organization on campus and build a base for recruiting future employees
  • Influence and enhance the education and training of next generation professionals
  • Increase employee retention and productivity
  • Gain additional respect and goodwill as the community and other employers learn of your support of local college students