Class Presentations

Internships office offers a variety of workshops and presentations designed to educate students, faculty, and staff about finding internships, applying for internships, and discovering other out-of-classroom experiences. Please complete the Class Presentation Request Form to schedule a class presentation.

Internship Search (30 – 50 mins)

Students learn tips to network their way into an internship, conduct research on potential internships, and/or create their own internships in this presentation, as well as information on aggregate internship websites, company websites, non-profit aggregate websites and how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to find internships. 

Handshake How-To (10 - 45 mins)

This presentation can be provided as a quick introduction or a full session that outlines all the many functions of this database for students. This workshop is often held in a computer lab where students can create their accounts on the spot and follow along with the presenter. The session can include: signing up for the first time, searching for internship positions, completing the Experiential Learning Agreement, signing up for interviews, and more.

International Internships (15 - 30 mins)

This presentation informs students of all majors and career ambitions about campus resources for finding international internship opportunities and working abroad. Information is presented on how to pay for international internships, including scholarship opportunities, as well as travel tips, application suggestions, how to earn academic credit, and so much more.

Academic Enrichment (10 – 45 mins)

It’s not enough to walk into the world of work with a college degree anymore– employers want experience, leadership, community involvement and a global perspective in their employees. This presentation showcases campus opportunities for hands-on experience, including internships, study abroad, national student exchange, undergraduate research, service learning, Peace Corp prep program and more! Get students excited about the limitless possibilities on campus and after campus.  

Mastering On-line Applications (50 mins)

Today, not all resumes are reviewed by humans – companies are using on-line application systems which is software that “reads” resumes and “decides” which applicants should be interviewed. They do this by keyword search, score and rank. Most Fortune 500 companies, hospitals and educational systems are using on-line application systems. This presentation teaches students how the systems work which increases the chance their resume will ultimately be read … by a human.