Find Internships

As a faculty advisor, you are in a prime position to help students connect with internship opportunities and gain academic credit for their experiences.  Below are some suggestions where students can look to find internship opportunities. Remember, you can hire an intern too!


Internships has replaced Griz eRecruiting with Handshake. This new software provides significant improvements for online recruiting and communication functions for employers and easier access to internships, research, volunteer and job opportunties for students.

Handshake offers a thoroughly modern, clean, and easy-to-use interface for all users – making it easy to navigate and use.

  • A customizable, personalized experience for all users
  • An intuitive design that is easy to learn and use
  • A set of fast and powerful search tools for both internship/job seekers and recruiters
  • The ability to have access to internships/jobs on a local, regional, and national scale
  • An iOS ready mobile app! A mobile experience - view internships/jobs, post opportunities, view applicants and more while on the go using Handshake's responsive design

Create an Internship

Internship opportunities exist in many different forms and can often be tailored to suit the needs and goals of the student.  Just because a company or organization is not advertising an internship does not mean that they are unwilling to accept a student as an intern.  We encourage students to pursue companies that they are interested in as a way to try out different careers and work environments. This includes work that a student could do for you in an official capacity, such as a lab tech or a research assistant.  If a student would like to create their own internship, we have the resources to help them create the internship they desire!

Schedule an Appointment/Class Visit with Internships

We are always available to help students with all aspects of the internship process.  When it comes to searching for internships, volunteer, research of job opportunties, we can start the student off right by exploring their academic and career goals while also assessing their needs.  We can show students how to use the Handshake platform and provide guidance in searching for appropriate internships.  

Internships offers a great array of class presentations designed to educate your students about Handshake and how to efficiently search for internships, exploring academic enrichment opportunities, and more.  To learn more, please go to the Class Presentation page.

Additional Online Resources

Other online websites and databases can also help students find great internships, especially with organizations outside of Montana. Please review the Best Internship Websites PDF.