Faculty Information


Internships works closely with faculty members on campus to ensure that internship experiences are valuable for the students and their respective departments.  

Faculty internship advisors are responsible for guiding their students toward worthwhile internships while also assigning academic credit to these experiences.  Internship courses (course number usually ending in a "98" such as 298, 398, 498 etc.) can be taken for credit/no credit or for a traditional letter grade depending on departmental requirements and preferences.  For specific internship guidelines, please check with your department chair. 

A faculty signed override slip is required to register for internship credit. 

Student & Supervisor Feedback (Summer 2014-Fall 2015)

What to learn more?  See what our interns and supervisors have to say about their internship experiences through the University of Montana:

Benefits to Faculty

  • Internships connect faculty members with employers and community resources to strengthen mutually beneficial relationships
  • Internships increase retention and graduation rates within your department
  • Integrate classroom learning with practical work experience and demonstrate engaged learning
  • Internships enable the University to offer a broader range of learning activities outside of the classroom
  • Students return to the classroom with more maturity, new insights and heightened interest in subject matter
  • Returning interns enhance classroom learning through discussions of their experiences and projects with the professor and other students