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International Students Association

The University of Montana

Article VII. Funds

  • Section 1. Primary Source

A.) I.S.A. shall lobby student funds from ASUM each spring to support and finance I.S.A.- sponsor activities and functions to be held in the following fiscal year.
B.) The executive officers shall review the annual expenses, profits and loss (if applicable) statements before proposing to ASUM for funding requests.
C.)The Business Manager shall be responsible for:
I. Familiarizing officers with the annual expenses statement Organizing meetings and leading discussion
II. Providing additional information pertaining to finance planning
III. Writing the budgeting plan and requests

  • Section 2. Secondary Source

The executive officers reserve the rights to plan, execute, and implement fund-raising campaigns to help finance I.S.A.-sponsor activities and functions.

  • Section 3. Finances

The Executive Board shall act upon all financial decisions.

  • Section 4. Checks

The Business Manager, Program Director, President or Vice-President shall sign checks. Periodic financial statements shall be made available to the board for review. The authority to sign approval forms will be given to the officers by both the President and the Business Manager.

Mail: International Student Association
University Center 2nd Floor
ASUM Box #37

Phone #:(406) 924-9497