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International Students Association

The University of Montana

Article X. Advisor(s)

  • Section 1. Qualification

A faculty advisor shall be nominated based on interests in working with students, understanding and promotion of cultural diversity on campus as well as in the community, capability of advising students on ASUM and legal issues, sensitivity to students' needs, and skills of team building and communication.

  • Section 2. Election Process

A.) Candidacy shall be nominated by an executive officer.
B.) Candidates shall be strongly encouraged to meet with I.S.A. executive officers and members before the advisor election.
C.) New advisors need only a simple majority of votes cast to become elected. In a split vote between two or more candidates the President shall cast the determining vote.
D.) Election shall be held no later than the last week of September yearly.

Mail: International Student Association
University Center 2nd Floor
ASUM Box #37

Phone #:(406) 924-9497