IT core values


  • You are prepared and able to change directions when appropriate
  • You have the courage to try new things and accept failures
  • You learn from failures and successes
  • You don’t accept the status quo
  • You learn and grow continuously


  • You share all information necessary for group success
  • You ask for help when you need it
  • You value team success over individual accolades
  • You are willing to work across organizational boundaries


  • You leave your comfort zone to invest in building and preserving relationships
  • You trust and are trustworthy
  • You respect others
  • You actively listen
  • You help your colleagues


  • You help find a solution to the problem, not an answer to the question
  • You own your client’s problem
  • You genuinely want to help others succeed
  • Your response to requests is “Yes, and . . . “