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IT maintenance: January 9 - 13

Monday, January 9, 5:00 p.m. – midnight

  • Banner maintenance: Banner will be down tonight, Jan. 9th, from 5:00 pm until midnight for maintenance.  The databases that will be down include ADMN, CyberBear, UMDW, REPORT, TESTRED, HCADMN, HLNRED, MyUMH, AUADMN, AUDW, and AUTST8.  Please limit your batch jobs and be logged off by 5:00 tonight.  CyberBear and MyUMH will go down about 4:45 pm.

Tuesday, January 10, 7:30 – 8:00 a.m.

  • WTS services: The following WTS services will be down for approximately 30 minutes for planned maintenance: Student Jobs, Select Survey, Ask-an-Alum application, Crystal Reports server, Notification Dashboard, (test servers), Source code repositories

 Marketing filter: UPDATE

  • Last week we began testing a marketing feature of UM’s IronPort Spam filter. Our intent was to observe the filter’s behavior, evaluate its effectiveness, and then possibly move forward with implementation. During this testing phase, we invited you, our Tech Partners community, to provide feedback about your experience with this filter. After one week, based on your input and our experience, we have decided not to implement this particular filter at this time. This marketing piece is somewhat of a “big hammer” approach that doesn’t look to do what we were hoping. We officially turned off the filter this afternoon, so [MARKETING] tags will no longer display in email subject lines. We greatly appreciate your input.  It helped significantly in our determination. Thank you. We will continue to pursue improvements with our spam/virus filtering appliance and may call upon the Tech Partners community for your valuable feedback in the future.
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  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
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