Campus wireless network changes: 2/3/14

On February 3rd, Central IT will be making a change to the UMWPA wireless network. This change is being made to decrease the complexity of authentication for campus users while also increasing security. The change will make it such that beginning February 3rd, UMWPA will only accept NetID credentials. It will no longer allow UM-domain (um\first.last) type of authentication nor will it allow GTC connections. In addition, users may be required to accept a new certificate.

For any of your users or devices impacted by this change, the easiest way to get connected again is to forget the UMWPA network and then reconnect the device leaving the default network authentication in place.  Use your NetID and password, and accept any certificate prompts you may receive.

Central IT has a list of people who are known to be connecting using the UM-domain credentials, and we will try to contact them directly as well as provide departmental IT support staff with list of their impacted users. However, Central IT may not be 100% successful in contacting all impacted users directly. Please be prepared to instruct users on how to change their wireless connection(s) or please direct them to IT Central at 406.243.HELP (4357).