Reminder on how to receive UM text messages

The recent campus lockdown reminded us all of the importance of communication during a crisis.  In the days since the lockdown, university officials have engaged in multiple debriefing sessions, engaging people from across the campus community.  We have also received numerous e-mails with suggestions.  We are working to further our emergency notification system and overall safety plans as a result.  

In the meantime, I urge you to make sure you have arranged to receive emergency text notifications from the UM on your cell phone.  To sign up for the texts; log into Cyberbear, click on ‘Personal Information’, and then set your preferences in the ‘Emergency Text Messages’ section.  If you need help with this process, please give our support team a ring at extension 4357 (HELP). 

During a crisis, messages are also sent to all university e-mail accounts; communication is kept up to date on the UM home page; and information is sent through social media outlets including Facebook and our Twitter feed @umontana.

Communication is a key element in helping the campus through a crisis.  We all need to work together to share information during any crisis – and not just through technology.  Campus officials will send updates as our emergency plan is improved.

Matt Riley, CIO

University of Montana

posted: 2/18/14