Banner System Remains Down

Our Banner system (source of most of our data and services, including what is contained in CyberBear) remains offline while our experts work through restoration of the database behind a loss of data that occurred yesterday in the early AM.  We do have data on backup, of course, but our teams are dealing with the issue of transactions that occurred after the data loss, but before the problem was identified, which has added great complexity to the restoration efforts.

The team worked through a restoration plan last evening that did not work.  We have fallback options, and will begin work this morning.  It is likely that a relatively small number of Banner transactions, yet still significant, that were placed in the system yesterday morning will require re-entry.  We will follow-up with detailed communication around the exact time-frame where any Banner transactions or changes will need to be re-entered.

Thank you for your patience as our teams work through the issue.  As you can imagine, the highly integrated nature of our systems, most based upon Banner, can create a larger set of complexities in restoring information from backups.

Please direct questions to HELP (x4357), functional area departments (Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Business Services & HR) or to me directly.  We are sharing information and our teams will be well-informed around the Banner restoration efforts.


Matt Riley, CIO

University of Montana