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Recording with Camtasia Relay

The recording steps are discussed first, then general recording tips are covered.

  • Run Camtasia Relay Recorder software on your computer, log in with your NetID.
  • Select profile for a podcast or video recording.
    • If this is the first time you are using Camtasia Relay to record (or if you haven't requested a profile yet) select "Upload and Decide Later". An example of a "first time" generic recorder screen is shown below. 
    • Most of the options are set by default - except for the name and the profile. Until you have a profile assigned to you, Upload and Decide Later is the best option. 

 in the Presentation Details section select the Profile and enter a Title

  • Camtasia Relay will find the default microphone and use it. The microphone in use can be changed by clicking on the microphone image on the menu and selecting a different microphone from the down arrow. The volume setting and the microphone can be tested by adjusting the volume slider and clicking on the test button as highlighted below in red.

the Audio Input Level shows your mikes activity along with offering Test and Rec buttons

  • Enter a title in the title box (shown above).
  • (Optional: Click on the blue Test button to test your microphone.)
  • Click on REC button to begin recording.
  • Once you have recorded at least once and requested a profile, IT staff will link your NetID to a profile. At that point, the recorder screen's profile dropdown arrow will show at least one more option when you are logged in (as the example below shows). The option(s) listed will be dependent upon the process and/or file types you selected in the Interactive Media request form. (If you wish to make any changes please call us at Adam Carroll at 243-4875 or Janet Sedgley at 243-5452.

Select the desired profile from the Proflile drop down area

  • To stop recording - right click on the Recorder button (which is changing colors in the bottom right corner -  the two looks of the busy Camtasia recorder) and choose STOP or press F10.
  • When recording is done, the preview window will appear.
  • Click Submit button to upload to server for processing.
  • An email will be sent when file is posted to iTunesU.

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  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
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