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Linking to iTunesU

[This discussion assumes that screen recordings have already been created and loaded into iTunesU*.]

When you wish to create a reference to a recording that is in iTunesU, right-click on it and select Copy Link as shown below.

right click on a file name to create a link that open iTunesU and highlights that file

Right click on the file (as above) if you wish to create a link directly to the file. Right click on a tab (shown below) if you wish to open iTunesU directly into the tab.

right clicking on a tab and choose create link to create a link to that tab

Next, to use it in a course, create an external link and paste the copied link as the URL in your course (see below). 

iTunesU links pasted directly into Moodle

If the application that displays this link is one that already requires authentication (like our course management system), students will not be required to login again to authenticate into iTunesU.

Pasting into a web page

The image below show the results of clicking on the File Only link shown as pasted into Moodle:

a file link opens iTunesU and highlights that file

And this image shows how a tab can be automatically highlighted in iTunesU:

linking to a tab highlights opens iTunesU and that specific tab

The recommended process  is to have your recordings placed automatically in iTunesU.  This is especially helpful if you are using this technology for the first time.  (Additional options are listed on the main Camtasia Relay page.)

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