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Printing in IT computer labs uses GrizPrint. Powered by UniPrint software, GrizPrint allows you pay for your printing using UMoney on your GrizCard. All it takes is a swipe of your GrizCard from an easy to use touch-screen release station located next to each printer.

Follow these easy steps to print from one of the IT lab computers:

  • Select Print in the program you are using
  • A Print dialog box displays confirming the default printer, select Print
  • Another window displays requiring you to enter a name and password for your job
  • After providing this information, select Print
  • A window displays notifying you of the number of pages and the total cost of your print job
  • At the print release station next to printer, swipe your GrizCard through the card reader
  • Select your job, enter the password and select Print
  • That's it! Your GrizCard has been charged and you may pick up your print job.

Keep in mind that you must have funds in your UMoney account in order to print. IT lab monitors cannot accept cash. Laser punch cards are no longer sold or accepted.

GrizPrint may be used in the following campus departments.

  • IT  computer labs

    • Fine Arts 210
    • Liberal Arts 206
    • University Center 225
    • Tech Lounge - UC 223
  • Modern & Classical Languages & Literature

    • Liberal Arts 104
  • School of Education

    • Education 111
    • Curry Health Center 016
  • Geography

    • Geography 219 (The old Jounalism building)
    • Social Sciences 262
  • School of Business

    • Gallagher Business Building 209
  • Law School

    • Law Basement
    • Law Level 1
    • Law Library
  • Social Sciences 126
  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
  • Send Email