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Information Technology policy inventory

This page provides an index of IT and IT-related policies and practices. This is a work in progress that attempts to gather Montana Board of Regents policies, official UM policies and departmental operational practices in one place.

Comments, corrections and additions can be sent to Gordy Pace, IT Communications Director.

Policy Index

Last updated: December 18, 2007

PDF of IT Policy Index

Board of Regents policies

Board of Regents policies comprise a relatively stable set of policies that govern Montana University System activities. This inventory organizes Board of Regents policies in two categories:

  • IT-specific policies with numbers in the 1300s
  • Policies that are not IT-specific but have implications for IT operations

Board of Regents IT-specific policies – 1300 range

BOR 1300.1 Security of data and information technology resource
BOR 1302 Privacy, security and monitoring
BOR 1303.1 User responsibilities – employees
BOR 1303.2 Internet services – employees
BOR 1303.3 Electronic mail – employee
BOR 1304.1 User responsibilities – students
BOR 1304.2 Internet services – students
BOR 1304.3 Electronic mail – students
BOR 1305.1 User responsibilities – patrons
BOR 1306 Logging on and off computer resources
BOR 1307 Internet reporting
BOR 1308 Disposal of computer storage devices

Board of Regents policies with IT implications

BOR 203.6 Prohibition against conducting board business via electronic mail
BOR 303.7 Distributed learning
BOR 401.3 Copyright policy
BOR 406 Ownership of electronic course material
BOR 901.1 Renewal and/or replacement of equipment in recharge centers
BOR 920.1 IT and telecommunication equipment and contracts; purchase or procurement
BOR 940.23 Computer fee
BOR 1901.1 Unauthorized copying and use of computer software
BOR 1909 Competition with the private sector

University of Montana policies

University of Montana IT policies are limited and in flux. This inventory organizes UM policies in four categories:

  • Official UM IT policies with numbers in the 500s
  • UM policies that are not IT-specific, but have implications for IT operations
  • UM IT policies approved in principle/under editorial review
  • IT-specific policies that are in development or envisioned

UM IT-specific policies – 500 range

UM 501 Domain names
UM 502 Telecommunications Infrastructure (previously know as Port splitters and mini hubs)
UM 503 Student web space
UM 504 Web servers
UM 505 Web standards (includes accessibility)

UM policies with IT implications

UM 201.1 Building construction, renovation, repair, remodeling and maintenance
UM 202.6 Emergency Response
UM 307 Electronic communication devices and services
UM 706 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

UM IT policies approved in principle/under editorial review

UM TBD Establishing and implementing Information Technology policies and standards
UM TBD Email capture, archival and retrieval
UM TBD Email
UM TBD IT Purchase of network equipment (pending final editing)

UM IT policies under consideration

UM Mass electronic communication
UM Wireless access
UM General IT Security
UM Accounts and Passwords (Identity Management)
UM Network Monitoring and Reporting
UM Data Security
UM Workstation, portable computer and PDA security
UM Minimum security standards for systems and servers
UM Protecting sensitive digital research data

Departmental operational practices

Departmental operational practices are not official policy, but documents that outline departmental service expectations and processes by entities on campus. This inventory organizes operational practices in two categories:

  • Central  IT operational practices
  • Other units’ operational practices that have an impact on a broad group of stakeholders

IT organization operational practices

IT computer lab policies
IT audio visual equipment rental
IT mailing list (LISTSERV)
IT PC support
IT Mac support
IT use of UM-Missoula telephone system
IT student computer fee expenditure approval process


Other units’ operational practices with IT implications

Library patrons rights and responsibilities
Library Copyright guidelines for reserve materials collection
Library Faculty web policy
Registrar Use of high-tech classrooms

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