Frequently Asked Questions

UM has been transitioning to Banner 9 since October 2018.  On June 10, 2019, Banner 8 will be shut off, and we will be fully on Banner 9.   Stay in touch with your IT Support Provider for more information and to ask questions!

Enhancement support for Banner 8 ended in January 2019. That means Ellucian - the Banner company - will no longer provide break/fix or enhancement support for Banner 8 forms. 

Banner 9 offers some additional functionality, including the ability to re-order, re-sort, and re-size some columns.  And there's an improved search capability, to more-easily find the information you are looking for.

Additionally, Banner 8 required users to use Internet Explorer.  Banner 9 works with any browser and can work with mobile devices.  

Ellucian provides a number of resources to introduce and familiarize users with the Banner 9 environment. Check out the Ellucian Resources page to review these materials, starting with the Banner Transformed-Getting Started with your Administrative Application document.

If you're used to using keyboard shortcuts in Banner 8, also start familiarizing yourself with the new keyboard shortcuts using the Banner 8 vs. Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts tip sheet.

If you haven't started using Banner 9 yet, please review the resources available and begin to build your comfort level. If you get stuck, you can hop over to Banner 8 to complete your task. But make a note of the issue you ran into, get the assistance you need to resolve it, and resume working in Banner 9.  

Yes! Some colleges/departments are arranging internal training for their users and more of this is encouraged!  In addition, a couple of drop-in Q&A dates have been set aside for users to bring their individual questions.  No RSVP needed.

  • Wed, May 15, 2019 10am - 4 pm in Social Sciences 127 (Training Lab)
  • Tues, May 21, 2019 1pm - 4pm in Social Sciences 127 (Training Lab)

You will login to the Banner 9 Application Navigator with your NetID and password (in the browser of your choice).

Banner 8 required a Banner ID and login (and also required Internet Explorer).

Banner 9 can be used in all browsers. Yes, ALL browsers!  A number of users have found Chrome to be their preferred browser for Banner 9.
Most keyboard shortcuts are unchanged, but a few have changed.  Because Banner 9 runs in a web browser, some keyboard shortcuts are "reserved" for widespread use in browsers.  Keyboard shortcuts are discussed in greater detail in section 3 of the Getting Started page.

Yes. Until Banner 8 is shut off on June 10, 2019, you can use both Banner 8 and Banner 9. You will login to the Banner 9 environment using the Application Navigator and your NetID. You will login to the Banner 8 environment just like you do now, using your Banner ID login and password. 

During the transition, it may be clunky to navigate between Banner 8 and Banner 9 as you'll need to have both environments open. (You can drag a "tab" out of your browser so that you can have both versions of Banner open side by side.  This may make it easier to switch between them.  Keep in mind that if you look up a record in your Banner 8 browser, it doesn't make that same record show up in your Banner 9 browser.  Keep a sharp eye out to ensure you are editing the intended record if you are switching between Banner 8 and Banner 9!)   

Do your best to keep making progress in Banner 9, and not leaning too heavily on your comfort level with Banner 8.  If you were able to learn Banner 8, you definitely can learn Banner 9!  

Transitioning between old and new technology has a bit of a learning curve, just as any other kind of new thing we learn.  This upgrade is a major initiative. So, hang in there! And let us know if you have questions.

Nothing different happens with the data. The database behind Banner 8 and Banner 9 is the same!  If you make an entry in Banner 8, you'll be able to see it in Banner 9, and vice versa.

It is worth pointing out that a few forms in Banner 8 were custom made for UM.  Many of these are re-created for Banner 9, but not all. Some custom forms have been converted to InfoGriz reports; some have been converted to an out-of-the-box "baseline" function in Banner.  A list of the items in Banner 8 that are not an exact match in Banner 9 will be published as soon as possible.  In the meantime, if you find something that you can do in Banner 8 that you cannot do in Banner 9, reach out to your IT Support Provider.

Please refer to the Automated Deposit Card instructions on the Banner Support Site.

To print an unofficial transcript, please refer to these instructions

In Banner, search for the GUAPMNU ("My Banner Maintenance") page.  It should show two panes (left and right) with four buttons in between the two panes.  You list on the left is all the objects (pages/forms) that you can choose, and the right is your personal menu.   

To add an object to your personal menu:

  1. Order the Object Type list in the pane on the left by clicking on the Object column header.  (You can click again to reverse the alphabet.)  Use the arrows and page option at the bottom of the pane to advance through the list until you find the object you wish to add to your menu.
  2. Double-click the object from the pane on the left, until the Description text turns blue. 
  3. Then click the Insert Selection button in between the panes add the object to your personal menu (on the right).
  4. In the pane on the right, again locate the newly-added object, and double-click it, until the Description text turns blue.  
  5. Click the Save button (or use F10) to save this addition to your personal menu.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for any additional edits you wish to make.  (You may need to double click on an object in the left hand pane again in order to get the arrows/page navigation options to work again.)
  7. To see your updated personal menu, log all the way out of Banner (via the lock icon), and then login again.  Click on "My Banner".  Your list of items should now include the object(s) you added.  

To remove an object from your personal menu:

  1. Within the pane on the right, locate the object you wish to remove.
  2. Double-click until the object description turns blue.
  3. Click the Remove Selection button.
  4. Click the Save button (or use F10) to save this edit.
  5. To see your updated personal menu, log all the way out of Banner (via the lock icon) and then login again.  Click on "My Banner".  Your list of items should now exclude the object(s) you removed.

Banner 9 presents a more-robust search capability, via an Advanced Filter option.  Anywhere an ellipsis is present, you will find an Advanced Filter option.

The Basic Filter is the search capabilities presented in Banner 8.  A user can enter a string of characters (letters and/or numbers) and could find records that were an exact match.  Or a user could add a "wildcard" (a % sign to substitute for a string or a _ to stand in for a single character) and could search for records that matched this broader search.

The addition of wildcards in the Basic Filter is now natively available to you via the Advanced Filter option.  In the dropdown list where "equals" shows up, you'll find new operators:  "contains", "starts with", "ends with", and a few other options.  These new operators take care of the wildcards; the user doesn't have to add them!  And in the case of dates or numbers, the operators include "greater than" and "less than".  

Two words of caution:

Searching for a person record (in the form labeled SOAIDEN) is now case insensitive.  You can enter all lower case, all capital, mixed case... it doesn't matter what case you use.  HOWEVER, case-insensitive search has not been applied across all the things we might search for.  For instance, searching for a detail code or a high school still requires an exact match of case.  

Using the "LIKE" operator is exactly the same as using the "EQUALS" operator.  Your search criteria must be an exact match in order for the desired records to be returned.  Please develop a habit of using either "CONTAINS" or "EQUALS" so as to avoid the ambiguity of the "LIKE" operator.