Getting Started

Ellucian provides a number of resources to help users transition to Banner 9. We'll walk you through where to start and what to learn:

Number 1.PNG Read the "What's new in Banner 9?" guide and the Banner 9 vs Banner 8 guide.

This guide breaks down the upgrade at a high-level, as well as provides insight into what's new in the various Banner 9 modules. Want to take it a step further? Check out the Banner 9 Benefits Overview Video or the Banner 9 Quick Tour Video.

Number 2.PNG Review the Banner 9 Module Upgrade information.

You likely perform the majority of your daily work in one Banner module. Check out these resources relevant to your specific Banner module.   To view the Demo Videos, you will have to register as a guest.   Once registered, you can use the same login credentials to view the other videos.

Student & Financial Aid - Info Guide | FAQ | Student Query Forms Student Demo | Financial Aid Demo Banner 8 U forms to Banner 9 S Printing Unofficial Transcripts

Human Resources - Info Guide | FAQ | Human Resources Demo

Finance - Info Guide | FAQ | Finance Demo | Finance Form Name Changes | Automated Deposit Card

A quick note regarding custom forms:

  • Banner 8 forms that start with "U" now start with "S" in Banner 9 (Student module)
  • Banner 8 forms that start with "J" now start with "F" in Banner 9 (Finance module)


Number 3.PNG Familiarize yourself with the new Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Banner 9 Training and Navigation Tips

If you're accustomed to navigating Banner 8 with just your keyboard, you may want to print this cheat sheet of Banner 9 keystrokes, and tape it to your keyboard.  Before printing you could re-size it or change the terminology to suit you.  It is sized to fit just above the function keys on your keyboard, and the changes from Banner 8 are marked with asterisks.  It's not as comprehensive as the one above, but these little helps can be literally at your fingertips.    

Printable Banner 9 keyboard template


As we get closer to turning off Banner 8 on June 10, 2019, keep this Banner 9 training content handy. 

Contact Information

For questions or help with a particular module please contact one of the following: