Report a Problem

As you use Banner 9, you may encounter something that doesn't behave the way you expect.  If this happens, please take these steps to try to resolve the problem.

First, log out of Banner 9, by clicking on the lock icon on the menu on the left.  This will log you out of any/all Banner sessions.
Next, from the tool bar at the bottom of your screen, right click on your preferred browser.  Select an "incognito" or "in-private"  or "private" browsing window.  (This step helps eliminate any issues that may be related to cached data in your browser.  It is also useful for logging in to Banner as yourself on someone else's computer.)

Now, check to see if the problem still occurs.

If the problem persists, please gather the following information, and include it in an email.  Email addresses are provided at the bottom of this page. 


1. Is this problem occurring in both Test and Production?  (Note: not all users have access to the test environment. Skip to step 2 if you are unable to access the test environment.)

2. Is this occurring in other browsers?  Which browsers?  (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc)

3. If you replicate steps on another computer (using your login), does the problem occur?

4. Are you aware of another user encountering the same problem?  Or another user for whom the problem does NOT occur?

5. Please describe the steps you are taking when you encounter the issue.  If possible, please provide an example record or instance where the issue occurs.

6. Please provide a screenshot of any error message or any other relevant content.


When you have this information gathered, please send it in an email to the appropriate module leader, as noted below.  Please make the subject of your email: Help!  Banner 9 problem