Tech Partners Update

October 31, 2018

To: Tech Partners

From: Dan Bowling

Re: Office 365 Project Update

Hello Tech Partners,

As promised, here’s an update regarding the new two-phase O365 Hybrid approach. If you haven’t read the announcement about that yet, please read it first.


Project Timeline

After we enable the hybrid environment, we can choose when users’ mailboxes are migrated to the cloud. We are planning on doing this in three major phases.

You’ll note that we don’t have firm dates yet. This is because we are looking into Microsoft Partner support options to help make the move in an expedited way. We will try to evaluate our options next week after we receive some additional quotes. Ideally, we will start as soon as the unmanaged tenant cleanup is completed (see Kit’s upcoming email.)







Do basic sanity checking of process, verify the user experience and functionality.

O365 Project Team


O365 Steering Committee



IT staff dogfood the process to identify any issues that may only be observed at a larger scale.


Familiarize key IT members with the process prior to larger rollout that affects clients.

All of Central IT


Opted in Tech Partners

Start + 1 week


Move end user mailboxes to O365. 

The project Steering Committee will lead us in developing the best approach for breaking down the rollout into manageable chunks.

A first wave completed at start + 1 month


All user mailboxes moved at start + 2 months



As a reminder, we do not anticipate disruption to users during the hybrid-based migration to O365. We hope to confirm that experience during the test adopter and early adopter migrations. 

Public Folders

Many people have asked us if Public Folders will continue to work. They will. Microsoft is supporting Public Folders in O365, including the ability to access them during the interim hybrid environment even if the folder lives in a different location than the users’ mailbox. 

Unmanaged Tenant

Kit will be sending out an update shortly regarding our approach to dealing with users in an unmanaged tenant. His update will require you to take action, so please review it carefully. We cannot begin migrating mailboxes off our old hardware until we dissolve the unmanaged tenant, so this is a top priority.

Campus communications

We are still planning on sending out a broad campus communication and update to the project website this week. Additionally, Kit and I will be hosting a series of Q&A sessions to ensure those seeking further information have a forum to do so. We hope that you are generally informed and can also answer your users’ questions. If you have any areas where you would like clarification, please reach out so that we can answer those questions for you.