Project Team

Project Sponsor

The Project Sponsor initiates the project by empowering the Project Manager to assemble a team and complete a set of pre-defined goals. Throughout the project, the Project Sponsor will make key business decisions, act as project champion, and resolve project conflicts and obstacles that the Project Manager is unable to.

Name Title Email Phone
Renae Scott Chief Information Officer 243.6367

Project Manager

The Project Manager (PM) is empowered by the Project Sponsor and is accountable for overall project success. 

Name Title Email Phone
Zach Rossmiller Executive Director, Cyber-Infrastructure 243.4357

Core Project Team

The Core Project Team is involved from the planning through closeout phases of the project. They each have responsibility for some key area(s) of the project and participate regularly in team meetings to provide cross-functional expertise. 

Other staff may complete project work, but will not be responsible for ongoing participation in the project like the members of the Core Project Team.

Name Project Role Email Phone
Zach Rossmiller Project Manager 243.4357
Renae Scott Project Sponsor 243.6367
Reda Haddouch Exchange/O365 Administrator 243.2482
Norman Singley Exchange/O365 Administrator 243.6799
Gary Trethewey EIS Programmer/Advisor 243.2999
Jon Robinson Information Systems Specialist 243.6512
Kit Eddington Client Support Coordinator 243.2449
Lorrie DeYott Client Support Coordinator 243.2525

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