Office 365 Email Migration

Employee email is moving to the Cloud!

It's happening.

UM student email moved to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service in 2009. Now it's time for UM employee email to do the same, putting us all on the same communications platform. UM Information Technology (UM IT) is initiating the Office 365 Employee Email Migration project to start outlining the plan for implementation and migration. In the end, all employee emails will be migrated from our on-premise Exchange server infrastructure to Office 365, a cloud service.

What will happen to my email?

The primary email address for all employees will be changed to The Project Team is still working with IT staff and stakeholders to determine how existing email addresses will be impacted with the migration to Office 365.  As soon as a decision has been made, it will be posted here and shared with IT support providers across campus.

Why is it happening?

Moving employee email to the Office 365 cloud service provides a number of benefits to campus, including:

  • Eliminating on-premise email hosting which reduces costs and risks related to support and maintenance
  • Office 365 email service provides opportunities for improved collaboration and communication, as well as enabling us to adopt additional Office 365 tools in the future
  • Standardizing the end-user email experience between students and employees at UM

When is it happening?

Stay tuned...

Progressive elaboration. UM IT Project Managers are in the intitial stages of planning and laying out implementation plans. Therefore, we do not have a final timeline just yet. There are still many questions to be asked, solutions to be found, and migration paths to consider.  As we learn more, so will you. Stay tuned for more as we'll post a timeline here as soon as we have one.

How can I prepare?

Stay in communication with your IT Support provider. The project team will be in touch with IT Support providers across campus as we progress and have more details on how the migration will happen, when it will happen, and how you'll be impacted.

Not sure who your IT Support provider is? Check out the Who Supports Me page in the UM Solutions Center.

Project Team

The Project Team is responsible for seeing this migration through to completion. Feel free to contact either of the Co-Project Managers, Dan and Anna, with questions!

Name Project Role Email Phone
Dan Bowling Co-Project Manager 243.2008
Anna Martin Co-Project Manager 243.2697
Renae Scott Project Sponsor 243.6367
Reda Haddouch Team Member 243.2482
Norman Singley Team Member 243.6799