Office 365 Email Project

Project Overview

The Office 365 project will improve email services by moving employee mailboxes from aging on-premise Exchange server infrastructure to Office 365, a cloud service that students are have been using for their email since 2009.

After moving employee mailboxes to Office 365, UM will standardize and unify student and employee email, making it easier to use and support.

Why is it happening?

  • Moving email off of our aging Exchange hardware will prevent us from running out of space.
  • Our current on-premise Exchange hardware is growing old and is costly to replace. Office 365 is an affordable way to provide reliable email services at reduced costs.
  • Provide opportunities for improved collaboration and communication, as well as enabling us to adopt additional Office 365 tools in the future. 
  • Standardizing the email experience for students and employees.
  • Reduce the duplicate efforts and complexity of supporting two different email systems.

When and how is it happening?

Phase 1: Migrating employee email to Office 365

Goal: reduce costs and improve the reliability of email by moving employee email out of our aging on-premise Exchange environment and into the more robust Office 365 cloud.


  • Student email experiences no change during this phase.
  • This phase should have little to no impact on how employees use email—the changes are all "behind the scenes."
  • UM will move IT staff as early adopters, ensuring the migration has minimal impact on end-users.
  • Following, employees will be automatically migrated to Office 365 in batches based on their department and/or location. 
  • The phase is completed once all employee email is migrated to Office 365 (anticipated end of September 2019).

Phase 2: Moving to common NetID and emails

Goal: standardize and unify email experience across students, faculty, and staff.


  • Students and employees will appear in each other's address lists for easy look-up and collaboration.
  • The primary (reply-to) email address will be converted to (previously for students, and for staff/faculty.)
  • Email will still be delivered to you with all the addresses you currently useno email addresses will stop working.
  • New for employees: email accounts will be automatically provisioned from Banner using the NetID identity.

This phase will require significant pre-work and will not be ready to start until the Spring of 2020 at the earliest. We will consult with campus stakeholders and our Steering Committee during Spring Semester to identify an optimal go-live date.

More specifics will be made available after we complete phase 1.

Get in touch

If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the project, please reach out to the IT Central Helpdesk at 406-243-HELP (4357) or email