Office 365 Email Migration

Project Overview

UM student email moved to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service in 2009. Now it's time for UM employee email to do the same, putting us all on the same communications platform. This project will coordinate the migration from on-premise Exchange server infrastructure to Office 365, a cloud service, using the NetID login system.

What will happen to my email?

The primary email address for all employees with an will be changed to This means that will be the "From" and "Reply To" email address for all employees. All other existing email domains (ex. will continue to work as primary email addresses.  

Why is it happening?

Moving employee email to the Office 365 cloud service provides a number of benefits to campus, including:

  • Eliminating on-premise email hosting which reduces costs and risks related to support and maintenance
  • Office 365 email service provides opportunities for improved collaboration and communication, as well as enabling us to adopt additional Office 365 tools in the future
  • Standardizing the end-user email experience between students and employees at UM

When is it happening?

UM IT Project Managers are in the initial Planning stages and identifying project requirements. Therefore, we do not have a final timeline just yet. Once the team completes estimates of the work, we will announce an expected timeline.

Project Status

The project is GREEN and is currently wrapping up the Planning phase.

Project Phases
Initiation complete
Defining and authorizing the project.
Identify stakeholders, establish requirements and define project scope, resources, and major tasks.
Estimate and schedule tasks, confirm resources commitments, identify budget.
Execute work to complete the project, report progress to stakeholders, identify and manage problems.
Closeout Close the project and evaluate project success.

Get in touch

If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the project, please reach out to:

Dan Bowling