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The University of Montana utilizes robust spam filtering software that filters out the vast majority of spam and phishing messages. However, in some instances, spam and phishing messages manage to make it through the filter. It is important for UM students, faculty, and staff to be aware that they may still get spam and phishing messages. Be advised to read emails carefully and consider aspects of the email that are hallmarks of phishing such as a call to urgency, grammatical/spelling errors, and requests for usernames and passwords.

Below are some examples of phishing attempts we have seen on campus. Please note that these are only examples and should not be taken as a comprehensive list of phishing attempts. Be vigilant in assessing the risks of every email you receive.

Phishing email referencing UM President

Phishing email regarding "Full Email" Alert

Phishing email asking for emailed reply with credentials

Phishing email requesting information to be sent via attachment

Phishing email asking to validate email account

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