Phishing example 4

This example includes an attachment that requests various user credentials and other personal information.  A screenshot of the attachment is included.


Example phishing email referencing attachment with

From: UM Financial Aid Office [] Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2014 9:01 PM Subject: Reimbursement Form !!! Financial Support is now Available to all students and staffs of The University of Montana. As we begin these Academic Year we are putting into consideration these year 2014 and the subsequent years due to challenges in Finances. University of Montana fund committee is charged with the responsibility of disbursing funds to all Students and Staffs of University of Montana. Payment from University of Montana has been transmitted to your Bank for deposit. 1.This is meant to mainly assist students to raise money for upkeep while at the University. (many students are unable to finance their stay at the University even after clearing University fees). 2.Many student still drop out, defer, miss exams due to financial difficulties. 3.Academic performance of students is adversely affected because of time spent in looking for finance. 4.Students/Staffs resort to criminal/socially unacceptable means to earn income e.g. illegal business in halls of residence, unhealthy relationships exploitative) e.t.c 5.To prevent staffs from an unhealthy exam malpractice relationship with students. Attached is a Payment form for account/identity verification to receive funds through this email. Please fill and bring to The University of Montana Financial Aid Office Desk Unit. If you have questions about this Payment, Please contact our Financial Aid Office during regular University business hours at Financial Aid Office University of Montana (406) 243-5373


Example phishing attachment

Bank Name First Name ** Last Name ** Billing Address Street ** City ** Country ** Zip Code ** Phone Number ** SSN NUMBER ** Date of Birth ** Email Card number ** Expiration Date ** Name on Card ** Cvv/Cvv2 ** Card Signature/PIN ** Bank Account Number ** Bank Routing Number ** Mother Maiden Name ** ONLINE BANK DETAILS Bank User Name ** Password ** The Terms of Fund Disbursement to Staff /Student before sending to Financial Aid Office. Fax to our secure fax # (406) 243-4930 or email to

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