Assistive technology (AT) services

Assistive technology for eligible students and employees

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Using assistive technology may be a reasonable modification or function enhancement for students with disabilities and UM employees. IT Accessible Technology Services provides demonstration, training, and authorization of usage of such assistive technology. Students should meet with their DSS coordinator first.  Employees can contact the campus AT specialist directly (see below).

Both iClicker+ and the iClicker 2 are accessible for low-vision or blind students. The iClicker+ buttons are braille labeled; the iClicker 2 provides optional adhesive braille labels. Vibrating remotes are also available.

Classrooms and public venues that are hard-wired


Reading Hardware tools:

Available at UM campuses:

How to request

For scheduling an Assistive Technology appointment, employees please contact IT Accessible Technology Services at 406.243.4357 (IT Central Help Desk).  Students, please talk with your DSS coordinator and read "How to prepare for your AT meeting."


No charge


For student eligibility, contact Disability Services at 406.243.2243.