Sonocent Audio Note-taker


Sonocent Audio Note-taker is software that supports your note taking educational endeavors and is available to all UM students, faculty, and staff. 

Sonocent makes it easy to capture everything on a topic in one workspace:

  • Easy Editability and Recordings of Lectures
  • Sync Lecture Audio to:
    • Slides, Diagrams, and Photos
    • Written Notes
    • Reference Materials
  • Reading and Notating Accessible Textbooks and PDFs
  • Lectures can be Recorded on a Cell Phone and Easily Transferred to PC or Mac

Want to try Sonocent note-taking?

To use Sonocent, please complete the UM Sonocent Survey and follow the instructions located at the beginning of the survey. Sonocent Survey

Explore Sonocent's Note-taking Philosophy

There are multiple options to obtain training and support for Sonocent this fall: