Licensing agreement specifics

For advice on which license agreement works best for your circumstances, please contact Central IT Software Licensing at 406-243-5362.

University-Owned device licenses (named user & single device)

On October 1, 2015, University of Montana entered into a three-year Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) with Adobe for Creative Cloud device licenses at greatly reduced pricing for installation on university-owned devices (UOD). The licenses are earmarked primarily for academic purposes (devices in student labs and devices used by faculty for teaching). During the initial pilot year, a number of licenses are also available for business purposes at $130 per license. For more information and to inquire about obtaining Creative Cloud device licenses, please contact your technical support staff who will complete the Adobe Creative Cloud request form.

Work At Home licenses

In addition, this Adobe enterprise agreement includes UM employee access to Creative Cloud Work-At-Home (WAH) licenses for personally owned devices also at $14.75/year. The software is available for purchase and download through UM’s new Software Web Store, a result of a partnership between Central IT and Kivuto Solutions that provides 24/7 online access for software purchases.

Value incentive program licenses

The Bookstore at UM also offers Adobe software for students, faculty and staff at reduced pricing through an Adobe contractual (CLP) agreement or the cloud subscription Value Incentive Program (VIP). For pricing and order information as well as administrative questions regarding the Adobe contractual (CLP) agreement or the cloud subscription Value Incentive Program (VIP), contact Jay Michalik, Technology Facilitator for The Bookstore, 243-1218, or via e-mail at: For pricing and questions regarding purchasing Adobe Student & Teacher Licensing for personal use, contact The Bookstore's Technology Department counter at 243-1253 or

Additional notes regarding Adobe products purchased through the UM Bookstore

  • UM has a contractual agreement (CLP Program) with Adobe for purchasing Acrobat Professional as perpetual licenses. The CS6 line has been phased out and those products are now available only as Creative Cloud subscriptions.

  • Adobe's Creative Cloud subscriptions are available under their Value Incentive Program (VIP) which contributes to the point levels determining the discount pricing tiers for both the CLP and VIP programs. These are 12-month subscriptions that pro-rate as well so all subscriptions purchased by an individual or unit renew/terminate simultaneously.

  • The Creative Cloud VIP subscriptions are available either as named-user licenses or device licenses designed for computer labs. They are also available as individual applications or as the entire suite of applications from Adobe.

  • Creative Cloud VIP subscriptions are not run in the cloud on cloud-based applications. The software is downloaded and locally installed on your computer. You do not have to be connected to the internet to use the applications, but your computer must connect to the internet periodically to validate that your subscription is active. Your documents are stored on your computer and are accessible even if your subscription expires.