Microsoft campus agreement

Licensing agreement specifics

For details about a specific product covered by the licensing agreement, please see our Microsoft Product Page.

Microsoft EES (Enrollment for Education Solutions) is an enterprise licensing agreement. Beginning February 2016, this agreement replaces what was known as the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  The EES program is similar in most respects allowing UM to license Microsoft software covered by the program at extremely low cost compared with retail or even most discounted pricing.  For any campus entity, licensing costs are based upon a calculated "FTE" count for the entire unit, not on the actual number of copies of the software the entity may need.  As a result, the program can be extremely cost-effective for software that is used widely throughout the unit but may not be cost-effective for software that will be used by only a few people within the unit.

Some software is centrally purchased for the entire UM campus at no cost to offices or departments, including:

  • a campus-wide "desktop package" that includes upgrades to the latest version of the Windows operating system
  • the Microsoft Office enterprise suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc., as well as Office 2008 and 2011 for Macintosh)
  •  Core CALs  (A CAL is a Client Access License that gives a campus user "legal" access to various server-based applications such as the campus Exchange e-mail system.) 

Additional notes regarding the agreement:

  1. Software licenses acquired through the EES program must be renewed annually, in contrast with the one-time purchases to which we may be accustomed through retail channels.  However, software licensed through the EES program includes any available periodic version updates, which retail purchases do not.
  2. Software licensed through the EES program is available only to (and for) University departments and offices.  It is NOT available for student use except for software that is installed in University-managed computer labs.
  3. If you are not already aware of it, the EES program provides a home use program (HUP) feature that makes software licensed by the University or by campus units available to employees at very low cost.  Questions about the HUP program should be directed to IT Central.