Scantron Test Scoring


IT makes available to UM instructors a Scantron grading machine with ParScore scoring software. This combination can be used to grade exams where answers are recorded on Scantron forms. Scantron forms are available at the UM Bookstore and the UC Market. 

Please note that the green NCS forms that are clearly marked Psychology will NOT work with the IT Scantron machine.

How to request

Steps to becoming a Scantron user:

  1. Fill out the online Scantron roster upload request form and submit it.
  2. Once submitted the lab manager will extract your roster from Banner, modify it for ParScore(Scantron software) and will upload it into ParScore.
  3. You will receive an email once the upload is complete letting you know that you can start using Scantron. The upload will include the student ID number as well as the students name.
  4. Once you receive the confirmation email call the Lab Monitors in LA 206 at extension 2736 to schedule a time to use the Scantron machine. Many professors from all departments use this machine so you must reserve an open block of time when you want to come in and use the machine.

Requesting a roster

In order to use the Scantron machine you must have your class roster uploaded by the IT lab manager. By submitting the Scantron roster upload request form the manager will have the information needed to extract your roster from Banner and load it into the Scantron software. When this uploading process is complete you will receive an email confirming that the upload is done and ready to use. You will also be given your username and password to sign into the Scantron software (ParScore).

Scantron roster upload request form

Once your roster is loaded and ready to use you can use it until the class is over for the semester or session. You will need to submit a new roster upload request every time a new class starts that you want to use Scantron for grading tests.


The form will ask you if you need training. If you do the lab manager will provide you with times and dates that a trainer will be working in the Scantron office to help you.


To schedule a time to use the Scantron machine please call the LA Lab Monitor’s desk at 243-2736 in LA 206.

During the majority of the year the Scantron machine may be scheduled for up to 1.5 hours at a time. Reservations will be cancelled at 15 minutes past the reserved time and the machine will be opened up for walk-in traffic.  

During finals week, reservations must be limited to one hour blocks. Reserve your time for finals week early. Reservation blocks fill up early.




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Scantron test grading manual (PDF)

Contact: Bill Day, IT Lab Manager - Presentation Technology Services
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